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NEWS RELEASE · 6th March 2011
Terrace RCMP
Terrace detachment members, along with North District Major Crimes, Terrace General Investigation Section, North District General Investigation Section, Terrace Forensic Investigation Section, and Forensic Investigative Support, continue to investigate the death which occurred at the Loen Ave.. residence.

A Search Warrant has been executed on the Loen Ave. residence.

The suspect, who had been arrested earlier in this matter, has been released from police custody.

The name of the victim is not being released at this time.

Original Release

During the early evening hours of March 5th 2011, Terrace detachment members were called to the 4600 block of Loen Ave. in Terrace. On arrival police located a man who had been injured in an altercation at a party. The male was transported to Mills Memorial Hospital by ambulance personnel, where he was pronounced deceased.

A suspect in this matter is currently in custody.

Terrace General Investigation Section, Terrrace Forensic Investigative Section, and Terrace detachment members continue to invesigate.

The name of the victim is not being released at this time.

Update by Editor, March 7 8am: Unconfirmed reports indicate the suspect had recently been released from incarceration and the victim had previously worked at the Spirit Night Club at the door for security as a bouncer.
''Good for you editor"
Comment by Gail on 8th March 2011
Good Job to the Editors and Reporters for doing a great job keeping the community updated.
Thoughts and prayers go out to the family that has lost their loved 1. May the creator stand with each of you in your time of need..
Updates are nice
Comment by Gary P. on 7th March 2011
I agree with the editor. Updates to these stories are nice to have. Too bad we didn't know all the 'confirmed' details and again, we all know how long it can take sometimes to get the 'confirmed' details.
Quit giving updates that are UNCONFIRMED!
Comment by Amy Perry on 7th March 2011
Seriously, this is a perfect example of rumors flying. If you can't confirm it, why would you post it online for all to read and run with? All people will see is the main point that you printed, not that it was "unconfirmed". Can we say "responsible press"? Give it a try sometime.

Ed Note: Amy, we know the names of each individual, their history and background. As a responsible press we leave the release of the names for the official channels, the RCMP to notify the next of kin and their official charges for release of the names.

As providing timely and responsible information we leave your assessment of all media up to you. All press, Global, Black, Pacific, and all the rest push the boundaries to be current and informative without obstructing juctice and causing further harm. Imagine how Fox would cover this.

The use of words such as, 'unconfirmed', are used very commonly to provide information that no official channel can or will confirm.

The RCMP usually, almost always, never provide a name of a suspect until a charge is laid and approved by crown council. This sometimes takes months and years. We do what we can to be more informative and timely.