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CONTRIBUTION · 9th March 2011
A smoker
It was a surprise package today, March 10, just like cracker jacks; opening a pack of players to find a camouflage style covering of the smokes. There was anticipation and excitement in my eyes.

But there was no prize, just the same old cancer sticks they were last time.

Have to wonder if this new packaging style isn't designed to attract the generation that sits at home shooting strangers on their video screen, seeing the package of camo smokes sitting on the table beside them.

At least the label on the front still shows the true government death complicity contained within.
Camo??? Are we seeing the same picture?
Comment by Blueline on 14th March 2011
I don't know where the camo is you are talking about. What I see is PLAYERS letters in some kind of retro crest on top of tobbaco leaves. Your article, if it can even be called that, is rediculous.

Complicit? Yes!
Comment by Maggie on 10th March 2011
Anyone who smokes is complicit in their own death sentence....don't take the easy road and blame the government.