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CONTRIBUTION · 10th March 2011
TD Readers
From various Terrace Daily Readers!

Saw your gas price story...... not sure if you’ve seen this........

I sent this to Walter last night – it goes well with your article!

I think this is for real!


from Chris.H.Spangl RFT, a Compliance & Enforcement Officer from the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations, RMCD / Skeena Sub-Region, who was kind enough to teach us some latin, and forward the picture,

"Only you can prevent forest fires"
You can vote...
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 10th March 2011
The cost of fuel is approximately around 80 cents, the rest of what we see at the pump is tax.

Stephan Dion had a "green shift" plan, however most people couldn't get past his accent and were too blinded by fuel prices to see prevention is the real remedy. I'm not liberal biased. Actually in the debate Elizabeth May was by far the best.

We're in deficits, which doesn't work long for any house hold - and now the country wants to spend 40 billion on fighter jets... Are we not a peace keeping (and oil exporting) country?

need I say more, Harper get lost.