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CONTRIBUTION · 11th March 2011
Arjunna Miyagawa
The "Scenic Images of the North West" exhibition has been open for the last week, showcasing the photography of Curtis Cunningham, the paintings of Bob Mansfield and the sketches of the Casey Braam.

Opening night hosted a variety of community members who were exposed to art from not only Terrace, but also that of Smithers.

The photography of Curtis Cunningham, a Smithers based freelance photographer and graphic designer, has been very neatly displayed with black frames which gives each piece a very polished look.

Cunningham attributes his start in photography to his mother's purchase of a camera for him so that he could take pictures while teaching English in China. There has been no turning back. 16 plus years later Cunningham is a fulltime photographer working out of his home based business, and is inspired by the love of going out and capturing simple everyday things most people would walk by without noticing. I can say they are definitely getting noticed now.

The photographs of Curtis Cunningham can be viewed and purchased on his website at

See the end of the article for other contact info.

The art of American born Bob Mansfield is big, bold and engaging. The large canvasses are like a window offering you a peek into an unknown world. There is a cool similarity of the paintings to that of Klimt’s Forest of Beeches or his Pine Forests painting. Perhaps a Klimt cocktail with a pinch of Pollock abstract expressionism.

“My Creativity has taken me searching down numerous avenues of visual expression. I have always found essel painting to be a tremendous limitation to my manner of paint application. Painting with the canvas on the ground gives me the freedom to approach my format from any direction. “ -From Mansfield's bio.

The retrospective exhibit of Casey Braam is a delightful step back in time. Each piece is a very detailed reflection of structures from Terrace's past. At first from a distant glance the pieces resemble that of pointillism. With a closer look you will in fact see that they are very skilled and detailed sketches. Each piece display what I can only imagine being a product of a love for this city and this region.

Some folks prefer to see a pictorial reference of history, whereas I for one can say have had the delight of seeing a place I love through the eyes and hands of Casey Braam.

This exhibit runs until Saturday March 26th. For more information on this exhibit or the gallery, visit or call 638.8884

Below are a list of blogs and sites of Curtis Cunningham