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P.S.A.'S · 13th March 2011
Merv Ritchie
Please confirm a radiation exposure map circulating the internet, claimed to be prepared by ARS services.

See it at

Please reply to merv,,,
We tried your email and it was rejected and returned.;

Dear Merv

Thank you for your fax. It is a hoax.

Kind regards


Dr. Joseph G. Young
Managing Director/Principal Consultant Health Physicist
Australian Radiation Services Pty. Ltd.
22 King Street
Blackburn VIC 3130
From Tokyo
Comment by M Craven on 15th March 2011
I would NOT travel to Japan period. We are on the verge of a nuclear meltdown and this will effect the entire country. I have pictures of the supermarkets in Tokyo stripped bare on food, supplies are being rationed. I am looking to return back home after 13 years. maybe in few months it might be ok for her to come but look at the news and think hard. I don't think it is wise for anyone to travel to Japan until the tremors stop and the issues with the nuclear power plants are contained. Over 10,000 are dead and the number will climb. Please keep her safe.
thanks Mike
Comment by Maureen on 14th March 2011
Thanks Mike for the slap upside of TD. Sorry to hear of your troubles in Japan. My step daughter is supposed to leave Canada for mid Japan to teach English next week. I am very hesitant - but it is her decision. Do you think it is unwise for Canadians to travel there at this time?

PS ... Merv you spelled Bureacrats wrong!
From Tokyo
Comment by M Craven on 14th March 2011
I am living in Tokyo and honestly the last thing my family needs is someone who has no idea posting articles about Japan. Do you know what is happening? Do you know how many tremors we have felt after the two earthquakes and a tsunami, the first one 8.9 and the second one 7.4... I have three children and I was separated from two of them and scrambled to find them. Do you know how many people have died so far? Is this your entertainment? The Terrace Daily is a source of local news. This article proves why it should not a source of international news. The reactors are a very serious concern for me and anyone living in Japan. So are the power outages and what might be food shortages. There is nothing like going to four supermarkets and finding no food in any of them!
I grew up in Kitimat, I would love to return home especially after this earthquake but it is impossible to leave the country at this time despite reports. I think a more productive article would be why can't Canada help expats living in Japan? Why do refugees receive better support or new immigrants? Even if I do return, I will have lost so much...

Here is some important information about the
scheduled Blackout:

There will be a scheduled blackout starting the morning of Monday the 14th in Tokyo, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Gunma, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Yamanashi, and Shizuoka.
Areas will be divided into 5 groups and each group will experience about 3 hours of power outage.

(Please refer to the TEPCO Homepage )

Train companies have announced that there will be irregular operation, including out of service hours. Summary here.

JR Tokyo Metro Toei Subway/Bus Tokyu Odakyu Keio Tobu Keikyu Keisei

Major out of services are: Tokaido Line (all day), Yokosuka Line (all day), Yokohama Line (all day), Odakyu will only operate between Kyodo to Shinjyuku (all day), Keio will only operate between Chofu and Shinjyuku (during morning and evening rush hours).

Tokyo was shaken badly but everyone has remained calm and it is business as usual, other areas are heavily devastated. I think the death toll has unofficially topped 10,000 people now.

I hope that the Terrace daily can use a reliable source before posting articles of this nature. My family in Canada is very scared, please don't upset people for no reason.