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Backyard chicken wearing a Sunday bonnet for church
REPORTING · 14th March 2011
Merv Ritchie
It will soon be okay with the City, if Council accepts the recommendation, for Terrace residents to keep up to four hens in their back yard. Since 1991 this has been prohibited. Today, March 14, Terrace Council will be debating the details of a proposed new set of regulations regarding the care and keeping of animals. This bylaw amendment will permit keeping hens but not roosters and states they must be registered (a one time fee) and you can’t kill them on the property.

There are numerous ‘fine print’ details contained within the bylaw, which attempt to address the various concerns residents might have. These details include; the distance from any windows or doors (3 metres), the distance from the property line (1.5 metres), the size of the coop and outdoor area, perches, nest boxes, floor composure and many other good house keeping and animal husbandry behaviours.

The move is intended to bring Terrace into the 21st century with regards to food security. Marvin Kwiatkowski, Terrace’s Director of Development Services writes;

“Keeping backyard hens is being considered for many reasons. Localizing food production has the potential to increase food security and reduce the City’s overall carbon footprint. In addition, hens can help reduce lawn and garden pest population; an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides.”

This bylaw amendment is combined with other changes including an increase in pound fees and the bylaws regarding the care and release of animals from impoundment.