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COMMENTARY · 14th March 2011
Merv Ritchie
It has been a one two three punch for the Japanese. A set of the most severe, dramatic and almost inconceivable calamities every to befall humanity has all come to one small island nation. First the largest ever recorded earthquake in history ripped the northern half of the island off its geographic position and shoved it eight feet east into the Pacific Ocean. Then almost biblical tidal waves obliterated entire communities leaving behind wastelands reminding one of ancient Mesopotamian civilizations they are only now, 5000 years later, finding small traces of. And if that wasn’t enough the entire Nuclear complex at Fukushima, Japan, is confirmed to be in a full melt down. The USA Navy is pulling back due to extreme radiation exposure and most of the nuclear plant operators who have been doing everything to cool them down, have been ordered to evacuate. It is not just a worst fear realized; no one could have even imagined it. No Hollywood script that we are aware of has even come close to such a scenario. We pray and live in bereavement for the continued and ever increasing horrors the people of Japan are living and dying in today.

We wrote two days ago how we would have to wait 48 hours to see what was going to become of these nuclear power plants and we posted a map demonstrating how the winds would carry air born radiation to the west coast of North America. Even though the map was proven not to be designed by the Australian Radiation Service company whose logo adorned the map, the map does clearly reflect where the large ejection of radiation will end up, the North Pacific Coast.

A meltdown of a reactor is when the uranium (and in this first meltdown, mixed with plutonium from old Russian bombs) overheats and drops away from the control room onto the floor of the reactor. The entire hot melted blob of slag then continues to increase in heat consuming everything in its path. There is no known material, none man has yet discovered that can withstand the uncontrolled and ever increasing heat of a full nuclear atomic fission. The movie the China Syndrome was Hollywood’s horror movie founded on the concept of how a full meltdown would continue right through to the core of the Earth. The truth today is no one knows and no one can predict just where this will end.

The only thing certain today is Japan and the entire globe is facing a whole new world. We waited and watched for 48 hours. The worst has happened. We now must place our faith in the real heroes of the world. Not those who blindly follow orders of their military leaders to get shot or blown up by a roadside bomb, but those who run full on headfirst into certain death for the sake of all humanity. These are the same great souls who covered up the smouldering molten mass of radioactive magna at Chernobyl. Those who knew full well they were going to die but did everything they could with their last dying breath to pour sand and other materials over the atomic mess and build a concrete sarcophagus over top of it. It still emits radiation. These are the true heroes and the Japanese are this type of people. They are very courageous and brave. And this next statement is not meant to be mean but here will be the time for the true kamikaze spirit; a time for sacrifice. Not in a time of war but now, in a time of global need. Our hearts are with you. We may end up suffering some radioactive fallout in the Northwest but it is nothing like what your nation, your people are suffering today. Tonight we lower our heads in deep thought and prayer. A moment of silence is too trivial. Good night and good stead friends.