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'Opps, silly me, hee hee.  Is my smile alright?'
COMMENTARY · 15th March 2011
Merv Ritchie
It is not a partisan attack to use the swearing in ceremony yesterday to demonstrate the claims made by many regarding the incapacity of Christy Clark to be an effective leader are with some foundation.

During the swearing in ceremony Clark made an error that had the gathered MLA’s, dignitaries and other witnesses burst out in laughter. Taken as a light hearted, inconsequential affair with school children, it might be humorous. To be made during the most serious of events, in fact the most important of ceremonies ever held in the Province of British Columbia, was not the moment for triviality or laughter. This was the final act of one person taking the highest office, the one who can in effect be a complete dictator, should he or she choose. She was not thinking about the words she was saying. Those gathered let Clarks charm and girlish behaviour cover for her. It is just what those who have critiqued her have claimed. Clarks mind was not on the gravity of the moment, the serious nature of affair, it was most likely busy with thoughts such as this, ‘Wow, look at me, it’s really happening, holy. I hope my posture is alright.’ And you can be sure this type of improper-cerebral use will be a common affair as she is put in charge of the affairs of the best land in Canada, therefore, the best land in the world.

If you missed it, the complete segment of this official ceremony is attached below.

Kitsumkalum Tsimshian elder and BC’s Lieutenant Governor, Steven Point, is the true head, (though now largely considered a ceremonial position), of BC representing the Crown, the Queen of England. He stood before Clark, in place of the Queen, to take her oath to her on her behalf. Listening to the oath and the details of the oath, it is clear she will act on behalf of the Queen and the Crown of England, not the residents of BC. Listening further she is also instructed and confirms with her oath that she will keep the secrets she is told to keep from the residents, the people of BC. But the blooper, Clarks repeat after me blunder demonstrates how she will not use her mind, her faculties of reason, at the most critical of moments, she will simple follow along, do as she is instructed.

Yes it is funny, if you were watching your child on the school gymnasium stage.

I expect a true independent leader to always have their mind turned on, not one who just coasts along and smiles knowing full well any mistake will be laughed away with chuckles and smiles, “Aw shucks, wasn’t that sweet.” No, imagine John F Kennedy doing that. How about Pierre Elliot Trudeau or Diefenbaker or even WAC Bennett? No, these were leaders before the time of brainless, clueless leaders like the flippant George W Bush and Brian Mulroney.

Will Clark be held to account for her blunders? Not very likely. Men will want to stand by her charm and women will hope to be included in her circle. It is another ridiculous day for BC and the circus of political leaders.
Look at Rich Coleman behind to the right.  He understands.  This wasn't just serious it was a revelation.
Look at Rich Coleman behind to the right. He understands. This wasn't just serious it was a revelation.
Comment by m.b.weston on 15th March 2011
If I am not mistaken, the First Nations in this area are matrilineal, not matriarchal.
There is a difference.
Comment by ron wilton on 15th March 2011
Either way, he is a very funny guy.
you were corrected
Comment by Maureen Atkinson on 15th March 2011
Nope - his mother has married into Tsimshian community- Point is Sto:lo by birth.
Lieutenant Governor
Comment by Mansell Griffin on 15th March 2011
I believe our Lieutenant Governor, Steven Point is Sto Lo, not Tsimshian....

Ed Note: Standing to be corrected but this First Nation's culture is Matriarcial and as I have been told by a local Chief, his mother still lives here as she was born, Kitsumkalum Tsimshian. Yes he was the tribal chair of the Stó:lo Nations Government and was honoured as Grand Chief, but by birth he is Kitsumkalum Tsimshian. However as I said, I stand to be corrected.