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REPORTING · 17th March 2011
Merv Ritchie
In an email from the City of Terrace this morning they wrote they will not be making any statement regarding Peter Weebers departure as Fire Chief other than to state “Peter resigned to continue his education full time and pursue opportunities within Public Administration. We’ll be posting the Fire Chief position later this spring.” Weeber stated essentially the same thing this morning.

“I announced it to the entire crew on the ninth,” he stated, “it was no secret, I guess no one caught wind of it.”

Weeber referred to our earlier article stating it sounded as if there was a big conspiracy involved. “I spoke with Ron [Poole (Terrace’s CAO)] about my plans in February. I am not a part of the City anymore so it isn’t up to me to put out a press release. “This is part of a long term plan for me. I am trying to finish a business degree. It is part of my City Administration Plan.” Adding “I moved on a long time ago in my mind. […] I’m just enjoying relaxing, I have nothing bad to say about anything.”

And this is where Weeber is heading, Municipal Administration.

He states he doesn’t want to leave the Community of Terrace but acknowledges to get into his new career plans he will need to move to a smaller community such as Kitimat, Stewart or Hazelton. He stated if he had started his schooling earlier he might have been able to apply for the position in Kitimat being vacated by Trafford Hall but he feels there is not enough time and he will likely need to work his way up to such a position.

“I’m pursuing my own career goals right now. I joined the department in ’95, became a career firefighter in 2001 and Chief in 2005.” He said reflecting on his career as Chief. “One thing I will say is no one has ever been hurt on my watch. We have the best equipment and great training. In fact the training center isn’t even being used yet. Terrace will have the best trained firefighters. [...] I branded that department.”

“I’m not a big razzle dazzle person,” he stated when we asked about no going away or retirement party or announcement; “I save that for people who deserve it.”

Even when we questioned him regarding the awards and presentations made to many other parting staff and City employees, he still shrugged it off. It has raised questions though, even as the City and Weeber state there is nothing to this stunning development. One reader commented, “Even a reporter who worked for barely a year received special acknowledgement at a Terrace City Council meeting when he was preparing to leave Terrace. To have Weeber leave without so much as a peep just doesn’t seem all above board.”

Weeber states he is looking forward to his new career and believes there are many positions in the future as a large percentage of City Administrators are approaching retirement age and he is only 41 years old. “I am a full time student now. By the middle of July I should be done my business degree. It’ll be three months for me to wrap up all my education.”

Weeber stated the City paid him very well and he is now looking forward to the future, though his phone has been ringing all morning since we posted the story on his departure.

many thanks Peter-
Comment by Yvonne Moen on 17th March 2011
Peter- I feel very lucky to have become a friend. I have admired you as a person and someone who has done more then your share to make Terrace a better place. Now I wish you good luck in your new journey- Terrace has moved up under your care. Thanks for your friendship- Love Yvonne
Comment by Michael Bruce on 17th March 2011
Good luck Peter, and thanks for keeping a close watch on our behalf.