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COMMENTARY · 20th March 2011
Merv Ritchie
What right do we have, who do we think we are? In Bahrain the Government has brought in Saudi forces to quell the rioting and protesting citizens, why are we not bombing Bahrain and Saudi Arabia? The Tamil Tigers have been massacred by the government forces in Sri Lanka. All over the world there are brutal military dictatorships and autocratic governments who suppress popular uprisings. Is it so long ago that China’s suppression of the protestors in Tiananmen Square, when the Chinese military ran over protestors with tanks and shot up hundreds, that it is time to say “Oh, but that was ancient history”? Guess so, Pat Bell with the BC Government climax over every new deal they strike with the Chinese.

Today we bomb the government of Libya who are doing nothing different, in fact nothing similar. No matter what the mainstream media tells us, the evidence before our very eyes should make us use our minds. There are more dead today from the 'Coalition' forces and their hundreds of missile raids.

Britains Prime Minister Brown stated, “ We have all seen the atrocities of Gaddafi”

No, sorry, that is not true. I am part of that “We” and I have not seen these so called atrocities. I watch the news and media reports as much as most and I have seen nothing that one could apply such a term too. In Pakistan, yes, Bahrain, yes, all around the globe, even Peru. Yes Peru, where the government is slaughtering innocent native protesters who are defending their land and environment against the exploitation and pollution inflicted by Canadian Mining and exploration companies. Maybe Harper should send our CF18’s to Peru to strike fear in the heart of the Peruvian Government. But no, Libyan Leader Colonel Muammar Al-Gaddafi is absolutely correct, we have entered into an era of twenty-first century Nazis. Watching Harper march along like a goose stepping, jack booted 'white is right' Nazi following the fascist USA, like a lap dog, should be an affront to all compassionate Canadians.

Hitler invaded Countries that did not agree or comply with his directives. There was very little difficulty in Libya prior to this apparently fabricated episode.

It is really difficult for the average ‘news consumer’ to fully comprehend all the news happening in the world today.

Is this war in Libya a diversion to distract the Americans, the westerners, from the inherent disaster taking place in Japan, the impending fall out of radiation, the “China Syndrome” type meltdown?

The timing is spectacular. Only a couple of days after the announcement of radiation spikes from the Fukushima Reactors and stories of the rush to buy iodide tablets the Mainstream media began a series of stories about how minimal the radiation was; showing stories of radiation from bananas and rocks, space and daily activities, everything in an attempt to downplay fears. It was almost funny to witness, as in previous years the mainstream media has continuously played up the terrorism fears ever since the twin World Trade center towers were demolished in New York City. Watching the Mainstream media fall over themselves in their collective attempts to demonstrate how low the radiation levels were and how harmless the radiation was, seemed ludicrous.

Then, just a day later, when most thinking westerners were laughing at the news casts, we declared war and began firing cruise missiles at Libya. Our attention has been completely diverted. It is difficult to find out any news from Japan.

No matter what the perceived and reported/disputed facts are, the intervention in Libya is an affront to all civilized peoples. There was no atrocity in Libya, there was simply a Sovereign government attempting to maintain control. This is really nothing different from what the BC government did with the RCMP and the Canadian military at Gustafson Lake in 1995. Well actually it was a lot different; the Natives were holding a spiritual ceremony and the RCMP began stalking them. The natives heard people in the bush and called the RCMP for help. They, of course, did not respond as they were the stalkers. The entire episode ended up in an armed incursion perpetrated by our RCMP and military.

Would we now, in retrospect, accept the intervention of the American Military and Cruise missiles to stop the BC NDP Government from “massacring” the Natives? Same goes for Peru, why did we stand by and ignore that massacre? Was it because Canadian Companies were going to profit if the Natives were dead? What will happen and what would be acceptable to the world when Northwest residents violently protest the forced imposition of a crude oil pipeline and tanker traffic. Will we be shot too?

Nope, Gaddafi is absolutely correct, this war in which the Canadian Prime minister has unilaterally thrown the Nation of Canada into, no matter how one thinks of our sovereignty, is nothing short of illegal, immoral and criminal. The numerous excuses being repeated and exaggerated by the mainstream media is embarrassing to the trade of Journalism. What ever happened to perspective and balance? What gives us the right?

I, for one, am horrified.