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REPORTING · 23rd March 2011
Merv Ritchie
Updated 9:30 am, Today, March 24, 11:00 am, Smithers, Be There! Terrace Goes For Gold Against Quesnel!

It’s currently a winning streak for the Bantam Boy’s in Smithers. This morning they took on Whistler leaving them wreaked on the tarmac with a 9 to 3 victory and then went after the B Pool leaders, Nelson, and walked away with an 8 to 5 triumph.

It has been an unbeaten Provincial Tournament for the Terrace Bantam Reps these past couple days, but not without its trials. Every game has opened with their opponent drawing first blood. Today, as the 11:00 am game opened against Whistler, again they fell behind but the trashing was inevitable. When the dust settled and the final buzzer rang through the arches, Whistler was sent packing losing 9 to 3.

This afternoon at 5:00pm the Terrace boys faced off against Nelson. Nelson was leading 3 to 2 when the Terrace Boys opened up with a barrage of three unanswered goals. They came to a decision mid point of the game, that this is it, do or die, and they didn’t let up. In the final few minutes Terrace kept dumping it in for the empty net and had consecutive face offs in their own end. After a time out at 57 seconds remaining; score 7 to 5, Terrace added insult to injury sealing the deal with another.

Tonight, Revelstoke, the arch rival of Terrace in this Provincial Championship, is facing off with Quesnel. If Revelstoke comes out on top Terrace will face them at 11:00am tomorrow for the Gold. This will be an extremely hot game as it will be the third meeting of these rivals and there is not much that can be said in regards to how much they like each other. They appear like two packs of wolves circling each other, waiting for a weak moment to plunge in. Thursday Morning Update - In an upset Quesnel sent Revelstoke packing - it will be Terrace vs Quesnel for the Gold Medal and Banner

The boys state clearly they want the banner, the BC Provincial Tier 3 Championship Banner, hanging from the rafters of the Terrace Arena. It has been 20 years for the Bantam Boys to hoist this banner, and it is time.

Tonight, while the team eats dinner, coach Schroeder (not the pianist from peanuts, though he is known to play chopsticks when no one is looking) has put on a movie he demands they watch. “Clash of the Titans” cause that is what it comes down to. Just how much do you want it when your adversary wants it as much as you. It’ll be worth the drive.
A time out was called and the boys huddle with the coaches looking over.  Note 57 seconds on the clock and the score is 7 to 5.
A time out was called and the boys huddle with the coaches looking over. Note 57 seconds on the clock and the score is 7 to 5.
Terrace Wins!
Comment by John on 24th March 2011
9-2 Final!

Well Done Boys! Caoches and Parents!
10 minutes left
Comment by John on 24th March 2011
9-1 Terrace!
Go Terrace Go!
Comment by John on 24th March 2011
The Boys are up 4-0 after one period!