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COMMENTARY · 26th March 2011
Merv Ritchie
This is a very long, indepth article. Get a beer, glass of wine or a cup of tea before you begin. Or you could ignore it altogether.

We are often amazed at how many people we encounter who do not know the difference between a Premier and a Prime Minister. Many cannot tell us, when we ask, what Nathan Cullen or Robin Austin serve, Federal or Provincial. Even Donny van Dyk, who ran as a Provincial Candidate in the last Provincial election, while speaking to students in his old school, called his Provincial Constituency a Riding.

Nathan Cullen is a Federal Government MP (Member of Parliament), representing the Riding of Skeena Bulkley Valley for the Nation of Canada. Robin Austin is a Provincial MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly), representing the Skeena Constituency for the Province of British Columbia.

These are the simplest of basic facts most Citizens do not know. Then we get into other political spectrums. The next level of government in British Columbia are the Regional Districts. BC has 28 Regional Districts (29 if one includes the Stikine which has no board). These are represented by Directors for the different “Areas”. Some Directors are appointed by Municipalities within the Regional District and the others are elected by voters in the “Areas” that have no municipal representation. Municipal Government elected representatives are called Councillors. They do not represent any specific area of a municipality. Following Municipality are School Board representatives, called Trustees, which do represent specific municipal or regional areas. In First Nations Governments, run by the Federal Government, the Village Councils are much like Municipalities with Councillors.

Trustees, councillors, directors, MLA's, MP's; all the same type of elected representative.

Without attempting to drag this on it is important to bring two more factual details forward to assist in demonstrating why Harper, Layton, Campbell and Clark make no difference.

The head of the School Board is called a Chairperson as is the head of the Regional District. The head of a Municipal government is called a Mayor except in the First Nations world where the Federal Government decided to apply the term Chief for the position of Mayor. In Provincial politics the head is called Premier and in the National/Federal government the head is called Prime Minister.

Chairperson, Chief, Mayor, Premier, Prime Minister; again, all the same type of elected/selected representative.

All of these various elected people could be called the same thing except this would likely make politics too easy to follow, and as all politicians know, having common people understand the process makes deception too difficult. This brings us to the last point in this essay; the administration of the entire process.

At every single level of these various elected representative groups is another set of people who run the entire process of Government. It does not matter who the citizens elect, these people virtually without exception, stay in place. This is a good thing and a bad thing, but it is also clearly why our elected leaders and representative; hence, Harper, Layton, Campbell and Clark, make no difference. It is those who work behind the scenes that run the show; the Administrators of the political parties and the administrators of the government organizations. There are literally hundreds of people who have been in positions directing the affairs of BC for decades. It does not matter who is elected, virtually without exception.

In our little realm, Terrace, the main guy who is the actual King, the guy who runs the City; the Boss, is Terrace CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) Ron Poole. He has an entire team of people underneath him, his Executive Assistant, Department Managers, etc. When Terrace’s previous Mayor was in office, the same people ran the City. It does not matter that Terrace elected David Pernarowski to be the Mayor, the City Administration remains.

The same goes for the School Board, the Regional District, the Province, and the Country of Canada. Harper, Layton, Campbell and Clark make no difference.

Any wonder why in the election of 1989, when the Conservatives (Mulroney) were proposing to institute the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Liberals stated they would retract it, yet it remained in place? The Liberals under Jean Chrétien even fought the 1993 election against it. MP Sheila Coops went so far as to say she would resign if they didn’t remove it. Oh big surprise it stayed. That is because Jean Chrétien didn’t run the country after he was elected. The administration did, and still does.

And then the final question is who runs the administration? Big industry, Lobbyists and most importantly, the banks under the guidance of those who various Presidents of the USA have stated, “Their names we dare not speak”.

Our last article/commentary referred to conspiring internationalists directing the fall of the Canadian Government. We should or could have been more blunt and spent more time in explaining the reality.

Every Government in Canada is monitored and controlled by internationalists; provincial and federal. Most elected and administrative staff do not even have a clue about how manipulated they are. It is not part of the education curriculum.

The internationalist also own and run the media which provides the common man and woman with all the information; all the background and current details, on which they form their opinions and make their decisions.

This is a tragedy.

In many North African Countries today the general population is in an uproar, throwing out their leaders. Is this an orchestrated affair by the internationalists, fermenting a popular uprising by funding activists to promote the uprisings, or is this an actual rebellion of an informed and enlightened populous? History will tell.

One thing is for certain, the general population of Canada hasn’t even the most basic knowledge of how our governments work. We wonder how the more recently developed populations of these North African Countries seem to believe they understand; that removing their leader will change the direction of the Country?

They are all fools as are we.

Nothing will change. As long as we continue to use an economic system that is controlled by international bankers who charge interest on the money borrowed to provide infrastructure and a decent standard of life for the public, governments will do as they are told to do. As [Mayer Amschel Bauer (1744 -1812), stated, (considered the Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel).

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

These International Banking directors determine who, when, where and how money can be borrowed, spent and repaid. The administrators of every government in the world have to bend to their will. Every action, every policy, every election, every war, every media report, is directed by the will of the 'interest charging' industrialist Banker.

Very few elected leaders have attempted to take control of their country, on behalf of the population, (you and me), from the interest charging bankers. The most recent was JF Kennedy; he was shot. Before him it was Hitler. He brought his country out of the most severe depression ever seen by any country in the world, ever; simply by printing his own money and refusing to use the 'interest charging' bankers money. We all know now how talking about Hitler, and any success of his election and government, will draw extreme ridicule. The Second World war and the Holocaust is a completely different conversation.

When the United States of America was founded one of the pre-eminent founding directives was to not be constrained by the 'interest charging' money lenders. When the Civil war broke out it was all about the Internationalist attempting to take over the money of the USA. Lincoln's assassination in 1865 was all about the success of the Green back, an interest free bank note issued and secured by the Government of the USA.

The first USA President to face an attempted assassination was when the 1816 charter of the privately owned Bank of the United States expired; Andrew Jackson vetoed its renewal.

"If the American people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system - there would be a revolution before morning..."

Andrew Jackson, upon entry into the Oval Office, called a delegation of bankers into the White House and told them, "You are a den of vipers and thieves! I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, will rout you out!"

In 1834, Jackson removed all government deposits from the Rothschild’s “Second Bank of the United States. In January 31, 1835, an attempt to assassinate President Andrew Jackson by Richard Lawrence, failed. The guns, apparently two, misfired.

Zachary Taylor, the next President (1849 – 1850) to oppose the international bankers, is suspected to have been poisoned, he is quoted as stating "The idea of a national bank "is dead, and will not be revived in my time."

President James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States (1857-1861) suffered from arsenic poisoning whereas thirty eight other people at the banquet died. Buchanan survived the poisoning.

He had exposed unconstitutional schemes of the Bank of the United States and opposed a privately owned central bank.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 during the American Civil War. He stated the following;

"The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than beaurocracy. It denounces as public enemies all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe."

President James Garfield dead by a bullet in 1881 said: "Whoever controls the money in any country is absolute master of industry and commerce". Almost emulating the previous Rothchild quote above that reads "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws,”

Garfield stated, “He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.”

Then there was William McKinley, assassinated in 1901, who was also opposed to a private national bank.

The most famous of all, in today’s current population memory chip, is Kennedy; JFK. On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110. This Executive Order called for the issuance of new currency - the United States Note. At the time, nearly four billion dollars of this currency was put into circulation. This new currency was to be distributed through the U.S. Treasury. Not the Federal Reserve System and was to be issued debt and interest free. Upon Kennedy's assassination, this currency was withdrawn from circulation, never to be issued again.


Any one who believes Harper, Layton, Campbell and Clark can make a difference after taking the time to read the preceding, as stated in our previous commentary, are deluded.

All international events (not an earthquake or Tsunami of course) are set up and planned. All government plans, their failures, objectives and programs are pre determined.

Until we remove the authority of the international Banker we have no independence.


Most Canadians do not even understand how Canada is part of a new economic and political union with the USA; let alone the very basic structure of our political processes.

Various integration programs have been floated and implemented from the North American Union to the Security and Prosperity Partnership. This is due to the Main Stream Media refusing to enlighten the general populous. Canada, Mexico and the USA have signed various documents to perpetuate this new Union.

The latest being a declaration made by the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the United States of America on February 4, 2011, which relate to why we are bombing Libya with the USA today; we will jack boot step in unison, the electors be damned, sovereignty be damned.

Addressing Threats Early

Collaborating to address threats before they reach our shores, we expect to develop a common understanding of the threat environment through improved intelligence and information sharing, as well as joint threat assessments to support informed risk management decisions.
We intend to develop an integrated strategy that would enable us to meet the threats and hazards that both our nations face, including natural disasters and man-made threats, including terrorism.
We expect to continue strengthening our health security partnership, through existing mechanisms for cooperation on health emergencies, and by further enhancing our collective preparedness and response capacity to a range of health security threats, including influenza pandemics.
We intend to work together to uncover and disrupt threats that endanger the security of both Canada and the United States and to establish those agreements or policies necessary to ensure timely sharing of information for combined efforts to counter the threats. We intend to ensure we have the ability to support one another as we prepare for, withstand, and rapidly recover from disruptions. We intend to make the Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of America on Emergency Management Cooperation, updated in 2008, a cornerstone of these efforts.
To increase security, counter fraud, and improve efficiency, we intend to work together to establish and verify the identities of travellers and conduct screening at the earliest possible opportunity. We intend to work toward common technical standards for the collection, transmission, and matching of biometrics that enable the sharing of information on travellers in real time. This collaboration should facilitate combined Canadian and United States screening efforts and strengthen methods of threat notification.
In order to promote mobility between our two countries, we expect to work towards an integrated Canada-United States entry-exit system, including work towards the exchange of relevant entry information in the land environment so that documented entry into one country serves to verify exit from the other country.
We intend to cooperate to identify, prevent, and counter violent extremism in our two countries. By working cooperatively on research, sharing best practices, and emphasizing community-based and community-driven efforts, we will have a better understanding of this threat and an increased ability to address it effectively.
We intend to formulate jointly Canada-United States privacy protection principles that should inform and guide our work in relation to facilities, operations, programs, and other initiatives contemplated by this Declaration.
We intend to work together to promote the principles of human rights, privacy, and civil liberties as essential to the rule of law and effective management of our perimeter.

Although Harper and Obama sit at the table and sign documents, these are all instigated actions by the administrations of our Countries who are directed by the international bankers. Nothing matters when it comes to our elected leaders.

As for BC; who reading this really knows the workings of the Provincial Government.

Here is just a basic list of the names of those who really run things. Besides the initial public names of the elected, look at the rest, they run your Province. Are you aware? Do they answer to you or to how they are told to act? And just how much do they tell our elected representatives?

Premier Christy Clark has selected these following people to be her;


Honourable Mary Polak Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation
Honourable Naomi Yamamoto Minister of Advanced Education
Honourable Don McRae Minister of Agriculture
Honourable Barry Penner Attorney General
Honourable Mary McNeil Minister of Children and Family Development
Honourable Ida Chong Minister of Community, Sport & Cultural Development
Honourable George Abbott Minister of Education
Honourable Rich Coleman Minister of Energy and Mines - Responsible for Housing
Honourable Terry Lake Minister of Environment
Honourable Kevin Falcon Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier
Honourable Steve Thomson Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Honourable Mike de Jong Minister of Health
Honourable Pat Bell Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation
Honourable Stephanie Cadieux Minister of Labour, Citizens' Services and Open Government
Honourable Shirley Bond Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General
Honourable Harry Bloy Minister of Social Development
Honourable Blair Lekstrom Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

Her office and the Cabinet however is run by these people who direct the activities;


Elizabeth MacMillan Deputy Cabinet Secretary
Jennifer Furry Cabinet Committee Director
Charlotte Powell A/Executive Director, Cabinet Committees
Carol Anne Rolf Executive Director, Cabinet Committees
Sandra Sajko Cabinet Committee Director
Karen DeMeo Cabinet Analyst
Tim Cottrell Cabinet Committee Director
Paul Finkel Cabinet Committee Director
Rozlynne Mitchell Director, Cabinet Operations
Debbie Tsukayama Manager Cabinet Operations
Sheila A Johnstone Document Processing Coordinator
Joyce Gillespie Cabinet Document Coordinator
Robyn Thomson Cabinet Committee Assistant
Deborah Laverty Executive Administrative Assistant

And these few individuals also have a great effect on how the province is run;


Michael Morton Executive Director
Christie Pruden Senior Manager, Administration & Project Development and Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
Greg Dunn Senior Manager, Operations
Noel Armeneau Manager, Information Technology
Melissa Nowakowski Outreach Manager and Executive Assistant to the Caucus Chair
Elishia Butler Receptionist & Websites Coordinator

These people run the manner in which British Columbia works with other Governments, federal and international;


Pierrette Maranda Associate Deputy Minister
Alex Dabrowski Communications Manager, PAB
Kelly Brubacher Executive Coordinator
Sandra Dawes Executive Administrative Assistant
Bryant Fairley Executive Director, US Relations and Partnerships
Sukumar Periwal Executive Director, Strategic Policy and Planning
Claudia Fabbri Manager, International Relations
Véronique Mercier Manager, Fed-Prov Agreement on Official Languages
Chantal Brodeur Official Languages Project Coordinator
Paul Craven Executive Director, Federalism and Canadian Intergovernmental Policy
Grant Smith Manager, Economic Policy and Asia Pacific Relations
Donald Haney Executive Director, Economic Policy and Asia Pacific Relations
Glenda Robertson Research & Information Management Analyst
Chris Caldwell A/Project Administrator
Marc-André Ouellette L.V.O. Executive Director and Chief of Protocol
Joanne Kimm Coordinator Administrative Services
Helen Carr Manager, Intergovernmental Events
Mark Collins Manager, Ceremonial
Karen Geiger Manager, International
Manjit Khaira Manager, Diplomatic & Consular Services
Lucy Lobmeier Manager, Awards
Genevieve Elliott Team Lead, Protocol Projects
Céline Anderson Protocol Assistant
Jenny Dellabough Greetings Clerk
Gillian Kish Protocol Assistant
Sukie Saini Operations Administrator

The following are the various ministries all of which have there own Executive directors who remain regardless of who Christy Clark, Gordon Campbell, Glen Clark of Mike Harcourt selected as a Cabinet Minister;


Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation
Advanced Education
Attorney General
Children and Family Development
Community, Sport and Cultural Development
Energy and Mines
Finance and Deputy Premier
Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Jobs, Tourism and Innovation
Labour, Citizens' Services and Open Government
Public Safety and Solicitor General
Social Development
Transportation and Infrastructure

And then there are all the Crown Corporations, Public Agencies and their respective administrative staff and directors;


BC Innovation Council
BC Transit
British Columbia Assessment Authority
British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
British Columbia Investment Management Corporation
British Columbia Lottery Corporation
British Columbia Pension Corporation
British Columbia Railway Company
British Columbia Transmission Corporation
Columbia Power Corporation
Community Living BC
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
Pacific Carbon Trust
Partnerships British Columbia Inc.
PavCo (BC Pavilion Corporation)
Provincial Capital Commission
Royal British Columbia Museum


Agricultural Land Commission
BC Public Service Agency
BC Utilities Commission
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc
British Columbia Securities Commission
Environmental Appeal Board/Forest Appeals Commission
Forest Practices Board
Habitat Conservation Trust Fund
Justice Institute Of British Columbia
Legal Services Society
Oil and Gas Commission

And it doesn’t end there, it goes on and on. Who you elect is truly not relevant!


The Legislative Assembly
Elections British Columbia
Office of the Auditor General
Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
Office of the Merit Commissioner
Office of the Ombudsperson
Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner
Office of the Representative for Children and Youth


The Honourable Steven L. Point Lieutenant Governor
Herb A LeRoy Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor, Executive Director of Government House
Chantelle Fortin Executive Administrative Assistant
Jerymy Brownridge Director, Operations and Management Services
Heidi Elliott Programmes Manager
Aline Rorvik Programmes Assistant
Adrienne Dunton Communications and Event Coordinator
Brenda Stuart Finance and Operations Administrator
Willow Easton Administrative Assistant
Stacey Falconer Chief of Security



Appeal Court Vancouver
Supreme Court Vancouver
Supreme Court Schedulers
Judicial Administration

All of the above are dependant apon the directives of the Monetary System, the bankers, who decide what starts, stays or goes. Your vote counts for diddly squat!

But don't count on us, listen to your local news broadcast, ask your local politician, believe them. Sometimes the statement, "Ignorance is bliss" is only too accurate.