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Note the blue stack at the lower right of this picture, yes it plumes heat
REPORTING · 28th March 2011
Merv Ritchie
For many who looked at the City’s choice for the location of the new Seniors and supportive living housing complex, the selection was unfortunate and without thought. Locating the potential last residence for our most valued members of society next door to the steaming smoke stack of the local crematorium is more than rude. Today at the sitting of Terrace City Council, we will be informed the contractor, Yellowridge Construction, has even moved the homes closer, encroaching on the property line next to the Funeral Home.

The City is asking Council to approve a request from BC Housing to let this ‘slip up’ slide and allow for the occupancy to proceed while the variance to the setback allowances along with the associated surveys, lane closures and re registration proceeds through the legal processes.

This and much more at City council tonight at 7:30 pm.
More than just crematorium issues on this site
Comment by dpenner (chair of Seniors Com) on 5th April 2011
Seniors don't seem at all bothered by the crematorium next door to this site. They and others with mobility issues who can apply for a unit are more impacted by the complicated forms that accompany their required applications. The bureaucracy of the application process has kept many in need from applying. This is a far greater concern than that of the funeral home next door.
Regarding the variance request and the lack of attention spent to ensuring the location of the buildings would comply with building code.....well lets hope that the same grace and forgiveness is given to other projects that benefit our community.
LOL Alan
Comment by Pat on 30th March 2011
There's a walk in now!
Hey Bifocals!
Comment by Pat on 30th March 2011
Good on you Claudette!

I bet you are absolutely right about the transport cost!
Comment by Maggie Johnson on 29th March 2011
What! No walk-in crematoriums?!?

Drat. I get burned again!
No walk in
Comment by Alan on 29th March 2011
There are 'walk in' clinics in this province but I don't think there are any 'walk in' crematoria.
Moving body to crematorium
Comment by c. sandecki on 29th March 2011
"One less cost to transport my body across town!"

Don't bet on that. There's a standard fee for transporting the body and I strongly suspect shortening the distance doesn't alter the cost one iota.
cremotorium and seniors houseing a good match.
Comment by DM on 29th March 2011
I think these two buildings are perfect side by side, not only does this area smell like burnt bbq its also looks repulsive. Cant wait till they build the fence, let me guess it will be an earthy rainbow kind of look.
That's an OLD joke!!!
Comment by Dr. B. A. Bidgood on 29th March 2011
Merv, I discussed the unfortunate proximity with the Seniors before a final decision on the location of the Housing Complex was made. The Seniors quippped they were too busy hangin' at the market, doing cardio at the park's fitness facilities, shopping til they dropped and grinding at the skate park to worry about these kind of things.

They said they would leave the worry to "young" journalists.
Comment by Wanda Kerby on 29th March 2011
I have been mentioning this to people since they started building. Cremation causes pollution, for example, mercury. Apart from being insensitive, it is toxic to have it in town,
Comment by Christine on 29th March 2011
As Dl pointed out the funeral home has been in that location for years. I know many of you have giggled or in shock about where the new complex is, I have also spoke to some seniors about it and they all have a fantastic sense of humor and joke about the fact where it is located.
As one comment mention about the location it is a perfect spot close to town, across the street is the Farmers Markert, libary, medical center.Thought wise it was a good location to put the complex in my mind.

Yup the jokes/shock horror will still fly around town, but talk to the seniors and you will here them making the jokes too..
Comment by Bryan Notheisz on 28th March 2011
Could be worse, in Quesnel they named a rest home "Dunrovin."
Personally I don't think the fact that they put this complex on available land in a good location is a big deal at all.
Comment by dl on 28th March 2011
For those of you who haven't been in Terrace long. The Funeral home has been in it's current location long before the town houses, Medical building etc. were built. These were built well aware of the funeral homes location.
not all bad
Comment by allie on 28th March 2011
It is unfortunate that it is close to the crematorium but it is still an excellent location for the homes being close to down town and close enoug to major routes
Don't change a thing.
Comment by Maggie Johnson on 28th March 2011
I think the crematorium is in exactly the right spot - right smack down in the downtown core to be a visual reminder to us Terrace humans that one day, we too shall die.

What's the big deal about this all? Like the seniors don't know their clock is a-tickin?! I would LOVE to live there if I were a senior. One less cost to transport my body across town!

Puh-lease don't get me wrong. I LOVE seniors and have spent decades tending/volunteering with the elderly; while also literally LIVING with my Grandmother - sleeping on her hard floor at night to make sure she didn't fall off her bed at night, changing her diapers, feeding her. Just that I remain baffled how we hide from the reality of "death".

Why the need to talk about death like it's a dirty secret? Some die in the womb, some in infancy, some in adolescent years, some in early adulthood, some in the prime of their lives. And some who are blessed enuf to live to senior years too shall die. They will eventually die...just like you and me.

I don't mean to sound so harsh...but we often put up such a fanfare to stick our heads into the sand like an ostrich in distress when things are displeasing to us. Displeasing or not...we've got to accept the fact that we''re all gonna die at some point. Some in a MVA next week, or a work accident, or a drug overdose or suicide. A father has a stroke and dies...a Mother has cancer and sadly succumbs...a child is run over by a car on the street. So, why the need to "hide" that death is all around us? Ask yourselves...Why the fear?

On a lighter note...LIFE is all around us too! Let's be reminded of our mortality every time we pass by that crematorium, and use that realization to make ammends with feuding neighbors, to get our wills in order, to simply accept...while we are still living. Those without hope tend to be...well, hopeless. Those with hope tend to be...well, acceptingly hopeful.
Comment by Rj on 28th March 2011

Cremating should be done outside the downtown core.
Not a block from a school, near seniors, a park or even the medical building. Also... it stinks if you've ever walked by there.
Co-op Building
Comment by Alan on 28th March 2011
Move it there.
Comment by Carol on 28th March 2011
Why don't they move it someplace else, right out of downtown...Why can't they move it to the City can see the heat waves coming out of that stack. Terrible place for it to be for all the residents in that area, including the older townhouses beside it. The fence would have to be 50 feet.
Comment by Lynne on 28th March 2011
Maybe it would be nice if Yellowridge Construction build solid high (7ft) privacy fence between the units and the crematorium. Of course, this would be free of charge for their oversight of encroaching on the property line.