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COMMENTARY · 4th April 2011
Merv Ritchie
Today we posted our 5000th article on the front page of the Terrace Daily. Since February 2007 we have been doing our very best to provide current, local, up to date content for the readers of the Northwest. We have tended to bring to our communities the breaking news, surprising even the politicians. Last December we broke the story for the public, the beginnings of the construction work for the Forest Kerr Hydro-electric project on the Iskut River along with the grid inter-tie plan with SE Alaska. Following this publication one senior politician called us to ask for the web links to our sources. We take pride in providing this cutting edge news. We noticed in our local Black Press paper, this past Wednesday’s edition, they finally, 3 months later, addressed the same topic.

It is the age of computer and internet technology that we brought to the region; for the current production of today’s news, not last weeks.

By the end of 2007 the other local media began to recognize our impact and determined to change their way of doing business. Black Press and CFNR have both changed their website formats and CFNR is now even getting into live streaming events as we began doing in 2009. We provide a direct link to their radio station on our front page. Listen while you browse. CFTK too changed their sites and began to offer their radio stations live. When we became aware of this we also posted a link to their station on our front page. Now, while you look through our site, checking out the event calendar, classifieds, business listings, maps and more; you can listen to your favourite radio station (CBC is here too).

Every section has it’s own tally of articles. The Kids, “Our Protégé” section has 359 articles. These are specific to our children. The” Environment” has 511 articles and the “Everything Enbridge” has over 100.

Almost without exception, every article makes it onto the front page and each is then categorized into a specific section for the ease of the reader looking for an article, such as a sports story.

So, after 50 months of steady writing we discover an average of 100 articles every month. We hope to continue providing you, our readers, with the same cutting edge news, unabashed boldness, long into the future. Thank you for helping us achieve this success; those of you who have written and contributed articles and pictures to share with your nieghbours, and to the local businesses who saw the value in our community being exposed to another source of information. Without all of you this wouldn't be possible.

Merv and Cynthia
Way to Go!
Comment by Pat on 4th April 2011
Keep up the great work Merv & Cynthia!

Your site is the first & last site I log on to everyday. Always informative, insightful, and spot on.

You keep posting and I will too!
5000 more !
Comment by Terry on 4th April 2011
Can't thank you enough for the up-to-date information and the wide cross-section of reporting.
" We can handle the truth !"
Keep up the great work and thanks.
Comment by TLE on 4th April 2011
Congrats on the 5000th story!