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COMMENTARY · 5th April 2011
Merv Ritchie
And at the crux of it all, does it reveal even more about the Main Stream Media (MSM)

The top news story today regarding the Federal election, besides Steven Harpers people kicking a young woman out of a gathering, is the Green Party being denied even the right to be heard by a Canadian court. The Judge just said no, I won’t hear this application by the Green Party, too late, too bad, so sad.

It is a bit of a confirmation of all we having been saying and writing over the years. Just last week we wrote about the fall of our Canadian Government and the calling of this election was part of an international plan to distract Canadians from the bombing in Libya and the nuclear disaster in Japan. The Green Party is the only Party raising these issues.

There is big money involved in war and nuclear energy. And very big power. It seems this big power is even directing the courts. Emergency applications are made when time is critical; that it is necessary for the Court to hear the matter. Maybe a child is in danger of being hurt, a Judge jumps in; a drug dealer needs to be kept locked up, a Judge jumps in. But now when an election debate is being held that could very well change the way the people vote after hearing from all those who wish to lead the Country, change the way the Country is run, and the Judge doesn’t have time to consider it.

Almost everyone outside of Quebec must be thinking the same thing. Maybe even a lot of people inside Quebec are thinking it too, but they are likely laughing about it.

The Green Party has representation right across the country, is going to represent all of Canada, yet the Bloc Party, who promises never to represent Canada or any place outside of Quebec, get to take a seat at the table.

This is very absurd.

Yet the MSM gloss over this major inconsistency as if everyone knows the Bloc represents all of Canada. No one even brings it up!

So those who made this decision were a group of the MSM who call themselves a consortium. Why did they choose this word? When people or organizations conspire together, it is called a conspiracy. It doesn’t have to be something evil. Though in this case, for our freedom and democracy, it might be called just that. There are many issues the MSM have conspired together to keep off your dinner table of conversation.

The “status quo” is perfect for those in power; and the MSM, who are part of that power, like it just that way. Why threaten their safe perch at the top of the tree by allowing some new comer to speak up and point out the reality.

Gordon Wilson did just that in the BC Provincial Leadership debate in 1991. His remarkable performance in demonstrating the incompetence of his opposition destroyed the Socred Party and his Party became the official opposition. Watch the debate again HERE.

If Gordon Campbell hadn’t orchestrated the coup d’e-tat of Wilson’s Party (the revived Liberal Party of BC), Gordon Wilson would have been Premier of BC, not Gordon Campbell. Things would have been very different in BC. Just think, no sell off of BC Rail to the internationalists, no sell off of our Hydro electric power to the internationalists, no destruction of everything dear to BC residents. Was this part of the MSM plan back then?

After Ms. May’s performance last election with her skill in embarrassing the others, one could be certain this time she would be immeasurably better.

The fear of this woman among those men must have been palpable. So what to do? Conspire to keep her out.

It is not a consortium, it is a conspiracy. And the depth of this trouble runs very deep indeed.

(Remember our very own CBC top Newscaster, Peter Mansbridge attended a Bilderberg meeting, that very secretive organization of internationalists who discuss how the world should be run.)

And as for Harper not allowing a young woman into his media event? It was because she had a picture of herself and a friend posing with Michael Ignatieff on her facebook page. Just how far, to what depth will Harper (or the internationalists who control him) go to control his gatherings? They studied the facebook page of someone wanting to attend? These guys are like the CIA or the NSA. Just how much are they into all of our lives? Maybe he is just scared of strong young women, like Elizabeth May.