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NEWS RELEASE · 6th April 2011
MP Nathan Cullen - Smithers
Skeena-Bulkley Valley incumbent Nathan Cullen is calling on federal officials to conduct comprehensive radiation testing on seaweed and other seafood on B.C.'s Northwest Coast in order to reassure residents of the safety of their food sources.

"Seafood is the backbone of our coastal economy and culture," said Cullen. "Coastal British Columbians have a lot of questions about the impact of the Japanese nuclear crisis and the government has a responsibility to provide them with accurate, timely information."

"I'm not looking to raise any alarms, but rather respond to concerns I've been hearing on the doorstep," Cullen added. "To ensure people remain confident in their seafood, the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans should immediately fund a radiation monitoring program in cooperation with coastal communities."

Cullen met with senior officials from Natural Resources Canada and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in March to raise questions about the Japanese nuclear accident's potential impacts on Canada. He was assured that monitoring of radiation in the air was ongoing and impacts were not expected to reach Canadian shores.

"Equipment has now picked up some trace radiation on our coast, and British Columbians are calling for a more thorough monitoring program that includes water and seafood," said Cullen.

Cullen is currently visiting Haida Gwaii communities as part of his re-election campaign. He spent Tuesday in Masset and today visits Tlell and Skidegate.
M. Craven Family
Comment by W. Touzeau on 14th April 2011
I've been in touch with Michael since the start of the disaster in Japan. He has expressed his dismay and concern regarding the state of the nuclear reactors since the first week of the disaster. I couldn't help but notice how many people he reached out to (specifically via Facebook), including Nathan Cullen, since the beginning expressing these concerns. I would hope that Mr. Cullen and others in similar positions in Canada would step up and make full use of their resources. I know Michael only speaks with integrity, and is privy to much more information than the news is able to report. Hopefully he and his family will remain safe.
Good Call!
Comment by Pat#1 on 9th April 2011
do everything you can for our fisheries and coastal communities..

I would like to think the 1st poster is wrong in her statement/thinking. I am confident you are acting on our best behalf!
Are you collaborating with Michael Craven?
Comment by A Heidl on 6th April 2011
Nathan,I am very happy to see that you are taking action regarding the nuclear threat to the Pacific Ocean. I recall Michael Craven wanting to help you with this campaign and being very diligent trying to update you with information from scientific documents that he has been translating for the Japanese government. I know many Canadians are not being well informed and are very concerned. I was hoping that you would have jumped on this issue earlier as Michael has been posting you information on your facebook page since a few days after the Fukashima crisis. I hope that you can reach out to Michael Craven and use his ties in Japan to help B.C waters. As he has mentioned to me before the ocean is the most important issue right now as the nuclear waste will bring continuous damage to the ecosystem.