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CONTRIBUTION · 8th April 2011
Greg Misener
To Northwest Residents

I have lived at Lakelse Lake for over 25 years and watched with anticipation the development of Mount Layton hot springs resort. Imagine having a proposed world class development right in your own backyard. Plans were grand with the development of a golf course, waterslides,formal dining facilities and high class hotel.

The work began and the place was a bee hive of activity. Construction moved forward and the development began to take shape. I watched the business grow and thrive over the years of development until the late 1990ís when things began to change. The construction began to slow down, and necessary maintenance on the facility was next to none. The resort was now changing itís focus to the development of a large farm complete with barns, stalls, hay fields and grazing pastures for cows, horses and pigs. The facility was now left up to mother nature. Maintenance on the pools and slides were disappearing and now the roof is leaking. I was asking myself why would anyone expend so much energy and money into the development only to watch it deteriorate in front of their eyes.

The dinning facility was shut down along with the water slides and finally so were the pool faculties, This was a death nail to the facility as the customer base began to dwindle to the point where only the lounge, cafeteria and hotel rooms are left. Few people visit the facility these days and itís an embarrassment to watch tourists arrive and after a quick look around they quietly leave without spending a dime.

This company entered into a contact with the regional district and the province to allow the development of the hot springs as an economic stimulus as well as allowing the residence of the Northwest access to this beautiful natural resource.
The economic benefits have all but dried up and we now have no access to this natual resource. We should all be upset at what has happened to this facility.
The hotspings water is owned by the provincial government and the facility owed by the company. By not following the original business plan they have now blocked our access to the natural resource. Why are they holding to residence of the northwest hostage and not allowing us access to something that is already ours?
I want to ask the owners to revert to their original plans and return to construction of this facility for the benefit of us all. The second option would be to sell the entire facility to some one who could return it to the original vision. The third option would have the provincial government expropriate the land and pay them fair market value. They could then turn around and sell it to developers for a profit.

I believe we should all be bending the ears of our regional district representatives as well as our local MLAís. Shame on the owners for not following through on their original plan.
Hello I would like to talk to you.
Comment by blocky bear on 31st August 2011
Greg, I just came upon your contribution. It`s slightly amazing that mine appears to be the only comment as of this date, August 31, 2011. I have spoken to a goodly number of people that have indicated they would support an initiative to take some action towards acheiving remedy of this sad situation. d.b