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REPORTING · 9th April 2011
Merv Ritchie
Terrace City council will be sitting this coming Monday, April 11, for their regular twice a month meeting and Enbridge is once again going to be a featured discussion.

The Kitimat-Terrace and District Labour Council (KTDLC), which pursued the City to host the Enbridge Forum for the public at the REM Lee Theater held February 1, 2011, is appearing again to make another request.

“We are grateful to have had the opportunity to cooperatively work together with the City of Terrace council to co-host the Educational Forum regarding the Northern Gateway Project.,” begins the letter dated March 23, 2011 from KTDLC.

The letter confirms their organization unanimously passed a resolution to be united in opposition to the project the previous month, on the 23rd of February.

“We are here today to encourage that this Council should finally make it public to this community where you stand in regards to the Northern Gateway Project.”

Terrace has stuck out in poor form from the rest of BC Municipalities as one of a very short list of Councils refusing to publicly take a position. At the Union of BC Municipalities convention last year, October 1 2010, Terrace representatives, Councillors Brian Downie and Brad Pollard staked a claim perceived as clearly supporting Enbridge by voting against two resolutions put forward by the Village of Queen Charlotte. The first resolution urged the federal government to legislate a ban on bulk crude oil tanker traffic through Queen Charlotte Sound, Dixon Entrance and Hecate Strait. The second resolution opposed the transport of tar sands crude oil by pipeline through British Columbia. Two District of Kitimat Councillors at the same meeting determined the best way to represent a neutral position was to abstain from voting so they would not be seen as supporting or opposing the resolutions.

Both Downie and Mayor Pernarowski have previously accepted money from Enbridge to attend a Northern Gateway Community Advisory Board meeting.

Only Councillor Bruce Martindale has stood firmly in opposition to his colleagues suggesting they represent the wishes of the clear majority of the population of the City and the Northwest. Martindale has been defeated on numerous occasions when he attempts to move forward resolutions in opposition to Enbridge and in support of the Environmental lobby groups.

The Terrace City Council meeting begins at 7:30 pm Monday April 11, 2011.
Comment by Steve Smyth on 12th April 2011
Now I see we have 2 people accusing elected officials of illegally accepting bribes and being corrupt.
It's a good thing we don't live in a litigous society like our American neighbours otherwise these two people would be likely hauled into court and sued for defamation of character.
Becasue you disagree with someones stand on an issue is no reason to publicly question their chracter and integrity.

Me thinks thou protest to much
Comment by RP on 11th April 2011
Dr. Bidgood, me thinks thou protest to much. ANYONE with the intelligence that god gave a squirrel know that this pipeline is a dumb idea right up there with square wheels.

I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of people whom you claim to represent are apposed to this, therefore, take a stance against this nuttiness instead of crying over poor image perception. Or, has Enbridge already lined your pockets to the point that you do not care what the people think? Just asking.
Comment by Dr. B. A. Bidgood on 11th April 2011
To my knowledge, Councillor Martindale has never made a motion to Council opposing the Enbridge pipeline prcess. He was also part of the Council which made the initial decision to adopt an objective and fact-finding position vis a vis the project. He has made a number of motions which were deemed "ultra vires" or beyond the jurisdiction of the Municipality by the rest of Council. While I admire Councillor Martindale's conviction on this and many other issues, to portray him as a lone voice in opposition to the project and the champion of the environment is erroneous and overly-dramatic.

Also in fairness to the Mayor and Coucillor Downie, both individuals attended Enbridge CAB meetings to gather further information at the express approval of Council. Council does not direct members how to vote on UBCM resolutions. So, how they voted on resolutions B139 and B140 is a matter of individual conscience and not Counci policy. Also, to my knowledge, no other City of Terrace Councillor has ever made a motion to support the Enbridge pipeline project.

There are no "Saints" or "Satyrs" here. This is just a number of elected people trying to make decisions which they consider to be in the best interests of Terrace. To hold any one individual up as above or apart from unpopular Council decisions is a disservice to local, representative, democracy.

I encourage all those who are interested to attend tonight's Council meeting so that they may hear, first-hand, the opinions of their elected officials and to be reaffirmed in democractic decison making rather than the pandering to public opinion.

done deal
Comment by Richard Morhart on 10th April 2011
it seems to me that Mr. Downie and the mayor are already on the take.just more deals going on behind closed better than our federal goverment, lies ,lies ,lies. anything to push this dam pipeline. if you can`t trust your council to tell the truth,who you going to believe. you all voted him in. Personal Gains to the controlling members . just get another spin doctor .just look at the clean up at the Michigan oil spill.lies lies, and more lies.