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NEWS RELEASE · 12th April 2011
Maggie Braun
As a candidate in the Federal Election I would like to introduce myself, Maggie Braun, and the Canadian Action Party. I hope many of you, especially those who do not vote because you have lost faith in the system, will find CAPs platform refreshing and truly Canadian.

CAP is, above all, a pro-Canadian party dedicated to the principle that Canada can best serve its citizens and the world by re-claiming and maintaining its political and economic sovereignty as an independent country.

All policies of the Canadian Action Party are driven by the desire of members who are concerned with the current state of affairs in government today. Members are invited to sit on all committees and take an active part in bringing true democracy to the people of

Canadian Action Party policies are intended to be common sense, solution oriented and fundamental to the very nature of a sovereign, free and democratic nation.

- A nation must have control over its monetary system in order to implement any social programs.

- Representative, accountable, accessible elected officials are essential to democracy.

- All international agreements shall reflect the best interest of Canadians and our environment.

Last year this country paid 57 billion dollars in compound interest payments to service a debt that should not exist. Controlling shares in the Bank of Canada were acquired at fair market value in 1938 by then Liberal Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie-King. He acquired these share for the Canadian people because he realized that a country's sovereignty was directly tied to control of monetary policy. He was even quoted as saying

"Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nations laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation."

By usury MacKenzie-King meant the charging of interest on government debt.

Why would a country pay interest to private international bankers when the country owns its Bank and can be lending at practically zero percent interest?

We did this from 1938 until 1975 and our debt was only 18 billion dollars. It is now 562 billion dollars.

Ask the candidates from the other parties why we are not using our bank. If their answer has anything to do with inflation, ask them how letting private banks lend out 20 times more money than they actually have curbs inflation. And ask why we didn’t have massive inflation when we used the Bank of Canada.

This is a serious issue when you do the math and realize that for less than 8 billion we could give every student in Canada $10,000.00 to attend university.

15 billion could introduce a guaranteed income supplement to make sure no Canadian would have to survive on less than $1500.00 a month.

This is only 23 billion, but last year we chose to pay 57 billion dollars to private international bankers who have no allegiance to any country, just money. Demand your money back.

Five essential, interconnecting pillars from our platform:

1.Monetary Reform - The use of our Bank of Canada in the best interest of all Canadians and to maintain and enhance sovereignty.

2.Sovereignty - The ability to make laws and decisions for Canadians by Canadians.

3.Civil and Human Rights - The restoration and fulfillment of our rights as originally intended under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution.

4.Electoral Reform - The changes needed to bring our country to a state of complete interactive democracy, for the people, by the people.

5.Environment - Water, air and soil are the basis to sustain all life forms. The Canadian Action Party will not sacrifice any of these for the sake of greed or the pursuit of profit.

Without these solid points addressed, Canada is a shell of a country; a colony under corporate and financial rule.

One of our many great policies, which can be found online includes CAPs support for local organic and eco-friendly farms and growers. There are broad concerns throughout the world in regards to possible food shortage; and further, it is generally recognized that foods grown locally are often better for one's health and that they reduce the transportation costs. Therefore The Canadian Action Party would support local and smaller farmers willing to grow organically or without so many pesticides, and encourage home and community gardens.

I look forward to hearing all your ideas and questions personally. You will find my contact information on our webpage or just drop me a line 250-638-0011 braun,,,

In Solidarity
Maggie Braun

“If you are not participating in the protection of Canada’s sovereignty, you are spectating or speculating”
Monetary reform
Comment by Jon Phillips on 13th April 2011
That is a very interesting point Maggie. It really makes sense that the "Bank of Canada" actually is The Bank of Canada. We should not be paying such exorbitant interest payments to multinational corporations when our own government could run, at arms length, a real "Bank of Canada" as it existed in the past. It makes you wonder why they gave the control away in the first place.
Very good ideas
Comment by Don Bruce on 13th April 2011
Thank you Maggie for describing a better way. Keep on jabbing.