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REPORTING · 16th April 2011
Merv Ritchie
John Disney of Old Massett Village is continuing with the tests of the rainwater, stream water and tap water and the follwing is the latest news from these tests.

We are seeing an increased presence of one radiation component (Iodine -131) in RAIN WATER. This number dropped for a week but has now begun to creep up again. It is still below the ‘unsafe’ level though, but as it keeps changing our advisory still stands.

In addition to testing the water, Disney has ordered the testing of some local food stuffs including goats milk and seaweed. Direct from their news release is the following;

We are testing seaweed at this time and will post the results as soon as we receive them.
We are planning to monitor home grown vegetables and fish products too very soon. We will also post these results.

Other than the directive to refrain from drinking rainwater, all water sources are currently safe. Again direct from the Old Massett advisory;

Both tap water and stream water continue to show absolutely no signs of any radiation contamination and therefore are safe to drink from our viewpoint.
Comment by G Louie on 17th April 2011
Would our salmon be ok to eat or can ,have no idea how far they ( the salmon ) venture out in the ocean . That really apply to all our food fish.Hope the fish is tasted..
Not even close to being solved
Comment by M Craven on 17th April 2011
As I have been warning, the nuclear crisis is far from over.Finally it has been announced that it can take up to nine months to get everything under control. I knew that it would take at least six months and during this time more contaminated waste will be dumped in the Ocean. I wonder why Canadian politicians avoid me and refuse to help me assist our country Canada?

This link is to an article supporting the facts that it could take up to six months or longer.
Nuclear Crisis still not solved
Comment by A Heidl on 16th April 2011
With the continuous earthquakes that are occurring in Japan, the Fukushima nuclear plant works have not been able to fully repair the plants. There are new problems occurring each day, therefore making it impossible for the crisis to be dealt with. There will continue to be radioactive material found in the rain water until all the damage done to the nuclear plants are able to be fixed.