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NEWS RELEASE · 17th April 2011
BC Liberal Caucus
BC Liberal's statement delivered seconds after the result was announced

Chilliwack-Hope MLA Barry Penner, B.C.'s Attorney General, issued the following statement on the election of Adrian Dix as leader of the BC NDP.

“Congratulations to Mr. Dix on winning the leadership of the BC NDP today.

“My BC Liberal colleagues and I look forward to contrasting his approach to public policy with that of Premier Christy Clark. I hope Mr. Dix will show more willingness in the future to move beyond the failed NDP policies of the past, than he did during the three-month leadership campaign when he didn't articulate a single new idea.

“In fact, except for being even more hostile to private sector investment and businesses that create jobs, he offered exactly the same policies Carole James did before the NDP unceremoniously ousted her as leader - a continued NDP commitment to bigger government and more red tape, along with an explicit promise to raise taxes to pay for it. The NDP vote provided no real change from the leadership of Carole James.

"It's also unfortunate the BC NDP did not offer a process to give equal influence to all ridings in British Columbia, like the BC Liberal Party did during our recent leadership race. Rural British Columbia did not have a say in picking Mr. Dix. Perhaps that's one reason the NDP attracted only half the number of people to their party as the BC Liberals did. In fact, three times as many people voted in the BC Liberal leadership contest as voted in the NDP leadership race.

“During the BC Liberal leadership process which selected Christy Clark, BC Liberals reached out to all parts of the province to ensure their voices were heard equally in choosing a new premier.

"We are now putting into action a change in the way government works. We’re focusing on job creation, putting families first and opening up government. We’re changing B.C. for the better.”
Changing for the better?
Comment by Gary Edwards on 18th April 2011
The BC Liberals had a chance for 10 years to better this province yet they chose to flush it down the toilet. And now they want you to believe that they will change it for the better?
Sure. Which toll bridge, school, roadway, hydro. or ferry system can I sell ,or in the liberals case, can I give you?
Note to Mr Dix
Comment by Don MacLeod on 17th April 2011
Don't take the bait!!