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NEWS RELEASE · 19th April 2011
BC First
BC First only centrist alternative between extremes offered by NDP/Liberals

The election of Adrian Dix as Leader of the NDP represents a hard left turn that will take British Columbians back to the disastrous administration of Premier Glen Clark, where Mr. Dix first cut his teeth as Chief of Staff, says BC First Communications Director Blake MacKenzie.

MacKenzie says Dix’s advice and efforts were instrumental in many of Glen Clark’s key policies, which saw British Columbia’s economy and social fabric decimated. He says the same overspending, increased taxation, and massive debt British Columbia is experiencing under the BC Liberals were also hallmarks of the Dix/Clark government.

“We now have a choice between two ‘Clark Eras’ – the Christy Clark era or a return to the Glen Clark era with Adrian Dix. For most British Columbians, that is no choice at all,” said MacKenzie. “Both are tax and spend parties that don’t cared how much debt they pile up so long as their supporters are rewarded.”

MacKenzie says his party represents a fresh start for British Columbia with policies designed to serve the people, not special interests.

“It was on Adrian Dix’s watch that the Clark government blew billions on the Island Highway, the fast ferries, and sent businesses packing with the imposition of the corporation capital tax. Christy Clark is a strong supporter of the hated HST and the continuation of Gordon Campbell’s big spending policies like the casino in Vancouver, and the sell off British Columbia’s assets like BC Ferries, BC Hydro and our highways.”

“We need business and we need labour, but government’s proper role is to act as a mediator between those interests on behalf of the people, not an advocate at the expense of the people,” said MacKenzie.

MacKenzie says his party will kill the HST and the carbon tax, restore BC Hydro as a fully public utility, and provide sales tax breaks to businesses that create jobs in BC.

“It’s time for a real change. British Columbians have had enough of self serving governments that spend our province into oblivion. It’s time to put BC first,” concluded MacKenzie.
So Where are you?
Comment by Gary Edwards on 19th April 2011
I followed the BC First Party in the Middle of the No HST campaign.
I was becoming very interested until I couldn't get a proper answer on your position on unionism. I was ready to go to your first AGM when the plug was pulled.
If you are going to be a force in the next election in BC I'd like to know how you are going to0 do it?
You have no official riding associations as far as I can tell but I now there is at least one ready to file. Why the delay?