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RCMP file photo
REPORTING · 19th April 2011
Merv Ritchie
Not only is Tamara Chipman believed to be dead, those whom the informant claimed killed her and this informant, the prime witness to her killing, are all dead too. Lorraine Lloyd was interviewed and recorded by Terrace RCMP officers in Prince Rupert during June of 2007 in which she described the entire death of Tamara in gruesome detail, this according to Rev. Thomas who claims to have conducted interviews on behalf of the RCMP. Terrace RCMP officers acknowledge having recorded these interviews but Lorraine became un-cooperative after taking Rev. Thomas out to the location she recalled where Tamara was buried. The RCMP stated they were unable to locate her body after numerous searches of the area and found inconsistencies with Lorraine’s statements.

Rev. Thomas felt otherwise, “I was confident of the accuracy of the information extracted as I repeatedly changed the direction of our conversation and came back at the issues from another angle looking for any discrepancies in the descriptions and things still tallied in detail.”

Rev. Thomas stated the RCMP provided him with digital recording devices to record his interviews with Lorraine. He was brought in as “she was suffering from violent hysterical flashbacks” and had to be locked up to prevent her from harming herself.

The entire murderous affair is recorded as having began at a party at the home of Al Whittle on Ninth in Prince Rupert. Two men, Nic and Andre brutally beat her to death and Lorraine drove Andres’ car as they took her body to dispose of it initially at Cloya Bay.

“Lorraine's description was that they had initially wanted to dump Tamara's body temporarily in the bush at Cloya Bay but there were too many people about, so Andre told her to drive further out along Route 16 from Prince Rupert and they then turned off to the right near the Tweedledee-Tweedledum lakes, and dumped her body (wrapped in two refuse bags) there under a pile of dead branches, so that they could rush back to Prince Rupert to help Al Whittle move home. The party at his home the previous night, where the offence occurred that resulted in Tamara's murder, was the house being repossessed the following day by the Sherriff of the Court. Lorraine later washed Tamara's blood from Nic and Andre's clothes at that house in Ninth Ave, and they slept that night at the Neptune Inn on the outskirts of Prince Rupert.” stated Thomas

The next day they returned to pick up the body and they drove east towards Terrace and drove off the highway, crossing the tracks and buried her in a location no one has, apparently, yet discovered.

Rev. Thomas also believes there was a third man involved and this third man joined the trio the next day to help with the burial of Tamara’s body as “Nic had been on crutches at the time due to an ankle injury”.

All of the persons involved are described by Police and Rev. Thomas as drug addicts or drug trade workers.

At least three people are still alive who know specifics of what happened and were even possibly witnesses to the murder and or burial. Ian, Al and Cory were all tracked down and questioned by Rev. Thomas in an attempt to gather more corroborating evidence but he states they all seemed un-cooperative.

In regards to one man he states, “I tracked down - - - - - - in Prince Rupert. At that time he was pimping-out his girl friend at $60 a time and was very suspicious of me. I failed to get any reliable information.”

In regards to the second he states, “boyfriend - - - - was a significant influence in stopping her cooperation and also took her to a Prince Rupert lawyer who instructed her to say nothing.”

And in regards to another, “I doubt if there would have been sufficient motivation for him to want to take out Nic and Andre for the murder. [He] told me that Andre had deserved to die as he was a "evil man" who had done time in Quebec (New Brunswick side) for armed robbery and rape of a minor.

Nic, Andre and Lorraine are all deceased and Terrace RCMP confirmed their deaths were likely due to their lifestyle. A common method for ‘high end drug trade officials’ to remove undesirable characters from their organization, those who draw unwanted, unnecessary attention, from the RCMP, is to “OD” them. Offering drugs, coke or heroin, and then ensuring it is spiked sufficiently to end their life.

Terrace RCMP Inspector Eric Stubbs, who was in charge of this investigation from the beginning, confirmed all of the evidence they gathered was transferred to a task force called E-Pana in Vancouver. According to RCMP Cst. Annie Linteau, the task force investigates the cases of 18 women whose disappearance/homicide is being investigated; women who disappeared or were found murdered on or near Hwy 16 or other northern/interior highways. Although they were unable to confirm the death of Tamara by discovering the location of her body, another investigating officer stated they believe she is dead, just like the others involved. Tamara was originally reported as missing in November of 2005 however the RCMP report she was last seen on September 21, 2005.

This investigation is still open and remains in the files of the Missing Person’s Task Force. Anyone with further information on the disappearance of Tamara Chipman or on any of these events that led up to her disappearance should contact the task force at 1-877-543-4822.
Very sorry for the family
Comment by Carol on 20th April 2011
How sad is this, a young woman with a child dying for no reason at all, just the wrong crowd. Lesson to all our young people to stay away from drugs, run don't walk. What a waste, how heartbreaking for her family.