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REPORTING · 19th April 2011
Merv Ritchie
Talk about being put right back on the map, Joey Nelson is looking to become the worlds fastest container loader. Packing the containers at a rate of 8 every hour, Nelson has drawn the attention of the Guinness World Record folks. On the property of the Old Skeena Cellulose operations in Prince Rupert, thousands of packages of dimensional lumber are lined up along with container for the next shift.

As Nelson say’s “It might appear that the Northwest is shipping an over abundance of raw logs, but we are actually shipping out lots more milled lumber. And most, if not all of this is beetle kill wood.” The evidence is in the stacks of lumber waiting to be loaded from Mills all the way to Prince George and beyond.

It is a fairly basic operation and Nelson has been instrumental in fine tuning the operation. Two forklifts load the lumber onto each side of the device which is levelled and chained to the container. The base of the container loader is made up of three long forks. When ready to load, the forks slide forward into the container. When the lumber is completely inside a stop block rises to prevent the load from pulling out when the forks are withdrawn. Viola, a loaded trailer in four minutes!

Nelson spoke about how quickly this operation has grown and how the loader manufacture has modified the design meeting his needs and now looking at more units to meet the needs of other exporters in BC.