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NEWS RELEASE · 22nd April 2011
NDP Nathan Cullen
NDP incumbent Nathan Cullen says the Northwest is well positioned for job creation and prosperity.

"I think we've been very successful at working across party lines and with the people of the region to deliver results," said Cullen. "There are $16 billion worth of economic development projects about to come online, and that's a testament to the hard work and dedication of Northwest British Columbians.

Cullen pointed to recent funding for projects such as Prince Rupert's Ridley Terminal expansion and the Northwest Transmission line, both of which will open up additional opportunities in the region.

"We've managed to secure more federal dollars in recent years than at any other time in Skeena's history," said Cullen. "That's a record that I'm proud of."

Cullen emphasized the need for all economic development to respect First Nations and protect the environment.

"We're building a new model here in Skeena when it comes to respecting both First Nations and the environment," said Cullen. "It's a model other parts of the world are going to learn from in the future."

Among new economic development projects, Cullen said he is pleased to see Novagold's Galore Creek project and Terrane Metals' Mount Milligan project moving forward.

"These projects take a long time to get off the ground, but they are now at a point where I'm optimistic they will deliver benefits to our communities," said Cullen.
Provincial Matter
Comment by Roy Harding on 28th April 2011
Excellent point, Helmut - trades training and certification are a provincial responsibility

Most of my communications with MPs, MLAs, and various other government officials at all levels deal with "staying within their lanes". If governments at all levels dealt with the problems they are SUPPOSED to be dealing with - there'd be plenty of funds to go around.

Although the other commenters raise extremely valid points - their concerns are better addressed to our MLA - not our MP.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 26th April 2011
Isn't Trades and Apprenticeships a provincial jurisdiction?
ITA Certification shows ambition
Comment by A.Heidl on 26th April 2011
I agree with Trish, being a culinary graduate and private chef it is hard to find a trades job in British Columbia unless you have the full ITA recognized certification.
This is easier said then done, when in order to obtain your ITA work hours you need to work under other fully certified trades people. I think people who are trying to complete their ITA certification and are ambitious should be highly considered in these projects where their trade is required.
Comment by Ian on 25th April 2011
Not just nathan, but not one of the respective party leaders have touched on how much the cost of fuel has gone up. In the last month alone we have seen an increase of 18%.
Does that not bother anyone?

As price on fuel rises so does,just about everything else. Food, lumber, taxes the list is endless.
We drill for the oil, refine it and charge more than what the Americans are paying at the pump. Seems odd that the nation that uses the most in the world pays less at the pump than we do.

Nathan can take all the pats on the back he wants. But the reality of the situation is the consumer gets screwed over again and again.
It just amazes me how short sighted we really are.
Trades Apprenticeships???
Comment by Trish on 24th April 2011
Geez Nathan, still no talk on bridging the college trades programs to the ITA for appreticeships for the trades? I have written your office, spoke to your reps and still nothing. We need a "practicum-like" program for the trades that helps people network and get some hours for their tickets! The colleges are pumping out hundreds of students a year that are BC funded and they all have to go to Alberta or farther to get hours! And...they are taking their famlies with them, selling their houses and not turning back. Not good for families, not good for the economy, not good for the community! Get on with it, what are you afraid of?