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CONTRIBUTION · 26th April 2011
Martin Holzbauer
What is a politician? Is a politician a person who looks out for all the people or just the people who voted for that person?

To the best of my knowledge, we, the voters are paying them, so they should have all our best interest in mind.

In the past we have seen politicians, on all three levels of government, who for whatever reason appeared to think and acted like our opinions do not count.

But we can not blame the politicians all by themselves, because we, the voters, are to blame as well, mainly for not voting.

Now in some counties around the world, in the past and currently, people are willing to die (and have died) to have this same right as we have in Canada right now.

Voting is not just a privilege but also a right.

One good way of judging a politician or somebody who would like to be one is not by what they say or promise, but to see what they have actually have done.

So next time to all of us who do not want to vote think about this and you might want to change your mind and participate and exercise your democratic right and privilege, there are lots of other people in the world who want to but can not.
Politicians and Diapers: Change them often
Comment by Ken Ryan on 19th January 2012
In my mind weighing past performance of politicians is a lot like seeing which part of the barn door broke and allowed the horses to escape! All politicians and diapers have so much in common. The best solution is to change them often and for the same reason. Take a look and see what Senator Tommy Banks acheived during his tenure of many years. He cost us tons of money and passed a watered down weak Bil which is easily by passed by a government. The system in Canada is failing as rapidly as the U.S. The smell isn't as bad simply because things freeze over here in the wintertime! A politician used to be the voice of the majority of his/her constituents. If he wasn't voicing the opinions of the bulk of his electorate he was a loser in the next election. Nowadays we have "debates" before the vote, then it seems we vote for the best speaker, the best dressed, and the nicest guy. We choose to ignore the thinker, the listener, and the doer. The ones we vote in clamber to get on as many commitees as posible so they can pocket the taxfree stipends and expenses they receive over and above their outrageous salaries, healthcare costs and pensions. Once in for six years they qualify for pension and healthcare better than ours for the rest of their life.
My MP used government financing to sell his dairy to his son, was elected and has qualified himself to every commitee possible, and has now served his six years. Like a good little boy he votes as he is told to by the Conservative caucas, receives many accolades from the PM as a "good Man" and is usually put in charge of meanigless projects which involve a lot of travel and public relations for the "Canadian People". He is one of many!!
When are we going to realize the reason these people run for office is guarantee of access to the public trough?