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NEWS RELEASE · 26th April 2011
Alexandra Morton
I know many people hate politics, but it is running our lives and ruining our fisheries and the habitats we call home. For this reason, I went across southern BC to ask candidates if they would protect wild salmon. While my questions focused on salmon, this is about our communities and our ability to safeguard our resources, home and future. Many people are caught between voting NDP to remove the “Harper Government” and voting Green where their beliefs are better recognized. My suggestion is to remember the voting booth is not a confessional to make you feel better; it is the door to where we will be standing next week. Think ahead 20 years to what the children of today are going to be wishing we had done and let that be your guide.

We have to get It together! I strongly urge the NDP and Greens to back each other in ridings where one of them is strongest. But the political parties are too selfish by nature, so it is up to us to act wisely and with the maturity that future generations are desperately hoping we have. I think we should vote for the candidates that are close to our hearts, but not electable on Facebook so that everyone can know how big a group they represent without damaging our chances of survival on earth. If you think Facebook is for children, re-examine what happened in Egypt. I feel we should ruthlessly ignore candidates who are not serious. Using a federal race as a platform is inexcusable and wrong. We need to zero in with unfailing intensity on the people who can begin the course change we, humanity, desperately need.

Meeting and talking to the candidates has been highly informative and I found myself willing to vote for candidates across the parties, but bottom-line, I don’t think it will be good for us or the world we live in if the party led by a man found in contempt of parliament forms government. If the "Harper" government does win a minority we need to exercise the powers of Parliament to decide how to deal with a hung parliament and who should be our Canadian government.

What concerns me is that Stephen Harper is exhibiting increasingly disturbing behaviour. Has he really removed photographs of previous Prime Ministers and changed the name of our government to bear his? Democratic governments do not bear the name of elected agents. These are warning flags of a self-obsessed authority. It is increasingly clear the authorities are out of control.

My experience has made for some very tough choices especially in Saanich - Gulf Islands where three remarkable women are running, but you can see the people I would vote for at

On May 1 we are going walk from the Sidney BC area to the BC Parliament to fly the flag for wild salmon to express the importance of voting to our future. For details see SalmonAreSacred

Alexandra Morton