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NEWS RELEASE · 28th April 2011
BC First
Alie: I want to represent the people of Point Grey to Victoria, not Victoria to the people of Point Grey

BC First candidate for MLA Danielle Alie announced today that she will challenge Premier Christy Clark in the by-election in the riding of Vancouver - Point Grey. Alie, a businesswoman and a Charted Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University has lived in BC for 33 years - 15 in the riding of Point Grey. She is married with two young boys.

“I want to help the people of Point Grey hold the government to account. I believe the BC Liberals are taking this riding for granted, and I intend to give them a serious challenge. Premier Clark cannot just sweep everything her government has done under the rug now that she’s been chosen their leader. They have a lot to answer for, and I intend to use this by-election to get answers for the people of Point Grey,” said Alie.

BC First Party Spokesperson Chris Delaney said his party is thrilled to have a candidate of such high calibre as Ms. Alie.

“Danielle is new to politics, but she is not new to business or to understanding the needs of working families. She owns a business, works part time as a school teacher, and is raising a family. She has the experience and ability to make a great MLA, and we are extremely pleased that she has agreed to be the very first candidate ever to run for our new party in a BC election,” said Delaney.

Alie says she is running to win, and will work hard to get her message out that there is a credible alternative to the corrupt BC Liberals and the discredited NDP. “Everywhere I go, people tell me they want another party to vote for. They are tired of the Liberals, but don’t want to return to the NDP. BC First is that party, and I’m proud to be our first candidate for office.”

“One of the biggest problems in government today is the people no longer feel represented. They feel that their concerns are shoved aside in favour of big, powerful interests that control both the Liberals and the NDP. To change that, we need to change the system and the parties that created it. BC First will do that. This is a chance to rebuild our democracy in BC. It is very exciting,” Alie commented.

Alie says her priorities will be holding the government to account for their betrayal on the HST and on the massive deficits and debt they have created, as well as the backroom deals in the BC Rail scandal that saw two convicted criminals receive over $6 million in legal fees paid by the taxpayers of BC. She says she is concerned about the giveaway of BC Hydro to foreign corporations, and will fight to ensure her constituents are consulted on the proposed Broadway Corridor Sky Train extension before it is approved.

“I will not stand by while this government destroys businesses and neighbourhoods without consultation or compensation as they did on the Cambie line. That was totally unacceptable, and it will not be repeated if I have anything to say in the matter.”
Alie says she will put everything she has into making her campaign successful. “I want to serve. I am willing to listen. I love people, and I am excited about the opportunity to represent their concerns to Victoria in this historic by-election.”