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Rod Hayward shows his Passport and Voters card, not good enough apparently.
REPORTING · 2nd May 2011
Merv Ritchie
HawkAir’s Rod Hayward was not just upset, he was fuming. He rode down on his motorbike on a wet Monday Morning to Veritas Catholic School in Terrace to vote for the Federal candidate of his choice. Problem was the federally issued passport wasn’t good enough for identification. Hayward had his voters card, which the Federal Government mailed to his home address and he had his passport. He was asked if he had a drivers licence. “Yes”, he informed them, but he wasn’t prepared to produce this. As Hayward figured it, his drivers licence is issued by the provincial government; the passport is Federal government ID. The Feds should clearly trump the Province in a Federal election. So he went home.

Thanks to a reader who provided this website for ID requirement directions, we discover even a health card is apparently better than a passport. In Option 1 the requirement is to have government issued photo ID with your address on it. The Passport doesn’t include an address. Option 2 states two pieces of “Authorized Identification” and one must have your address. Hayward had his Voters Card, which we presume is “Authorized” and it did have his address. So therefore the Health card, again another provincially issued document trumped the Passport as it (the passport) apparently wasn’t acceptable.

Direct from Elections Canada, these are the requirements;

Option 1
Show one original piece of identification with your photo, name and address. It must be issued by a government agency.
Example: driver's licence.

Option 2
Show two original pieces of authorized identification. Both pieces must have your name and one must also have your address.
Example: health card and hydro bill.

Option 3
Take an oath and have an elector who knows you vouch for you. This person must have authorized identification and be from the same polling division as you. This person can only vouch for one person.
Examples: a neighbour, your roommate.

It is voting day. The residents of Terrace are coming out in a steady stream to cast their ballot. In one brief 20 minute visit to the polling station at Veritas this morning we encountered many prominent citizens of Terrace coming and going from the School gymnasium; Councillor Martindale, Vance Hadley, Darryl Tucker, Bruno Bellanger and many more.

It is an exciting day, but if you are going to vote, bring along a roommate to swear on your behalf. Just in case your Federally issued, internationally recognized, terrorist averting passport, isn’t acceptable.
Veritas School - The voting station in Terrace.
Veritas School - The voting station in Terrace.
Bruno holds up his voters card before he enters to cast his ballot
Bruno holds up his voters card before he enters to cast his ballot
The gymnasium set up for residents to cast their ballots.
The gymnasium set up for residents to cast their ballots.
Passport no ID for provencial drivers license exam
Comment by Karen Birkedal on 3rd May 2011
FYI: I sent my son and his passport to the provencial government agency for his driver's written exam. The BC governement would not accept the Canadian passport as picture ID and proof of age. My son had to produce his pictureless birth certificate and his ski pass or student body card with picture as ID. What's wrong with this picture????
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 3rd May 2011
A passport is an acceptable peice of identification for the photo ID but you also need something with your address on it, which your passport does not display. Read the rules!
Bad Drivers Licence Photo?
Comment by Blueline on 3rd May 2011
You had your drivers licence but wouldn't produce it for them? I really don't know what to say about that, and I'm sure the people working at the voting station were as equally bewildered.
Someone missed the mark here.
Comment by Diana Penner on 2nd May 2011
What does that tell you about our system, when the item you require to get in and out of the country doesn't allow you to vote for the people who make our policies such as cross border travel and your election principals. Passports will allow you access to the country but not apparently to the right to submit a ballot within the country. Something is wrong with this oversight.
Begs the Question
Comment by Val on 2nd May 2011
So this begs the question - what about if you're homeless?
Comment by Scott on 2nd May 2011
I just went to our Veritas voting station and was not asked for ID. Guess they are selective on who they ask for ID from. You would think they are suppose to ask for ID from everyone as this is an election. I didn't even know the people who took my voters card.
Not registered to vote?
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 2nd May 2011
How do you register to vote?

To register to vote, go to your election day polling place on Monday, May 2. You can register just before you vote.

To register, you’ll be asked to:
•certify that you are a Canadian citizen who will be 18 or older on election day, and
•prove your identity and address by refering to one of the options Merv has supplied.