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COMMENTARY · 2nd May 2011
Merv Ritchie
UPDATE:This just in. Just like the debris from the World Trade Centre Towers, bin Ladens body has been dumped at sea so no further inquiry can take place; no body, just trust us.

It is well recognized and understood in all but the most “Official” levels of bureaucratic governmental deception organizations that the downing of the twin towers on September 11, 2001 was a setup, a false flag affair, an inside job of such intricate masterful details that no organization except the Israeli Mossad or the Black Ops arm of the CIA could have pulled it off. As was stated on Fox news during an interview with the son of a man who died in the towers that day, the most bizarre and conspiratorial theory is that a few Muslims with box cutters who couldn’t fly a Cessna pulled this off. Simply the falling of building 7, hit by nothing, should be enough to raise anyone’s eyebrows. Huge earthquakes do not see buildings implode in the exact replica of a controlled demolition, the falling of the towers clearly were not even that intense.

There have been numerous Conspiratorial Theories since that one and we call this next one number 62.

Canada has all the natural resources, oil, coal, gold, uranium, potash, water, electricity, natural gas; the list is endless, that is required by America. And America actually believes it is theirs. Some will remember George W Bush referring to the Oil in the Yukon and the NWT as being theirs, making a bit of an ass of himself, forgetting that it was still Canada, not the USA.

In the address to the world last night, President Obama stated they discovered where Osama bin Laden was in August of last year. Last week he stated their intelligence was confirmed and they now were absolutely certain where he was. So now we need to assess his timing.

The polls in Canada showed the NDP were about to rob Steven Harper and his USA supporting Government of their majority. In fact, it was almost certain from the latest polls this NDP surge was climbing and might even put the NDP in power in Canada.

Obama could have waited a day, a week, or ten years as they already had. Taking out a man like bin Laden, like any other dramatic event is always done to create a maximum benefit. In this case the emotional out pouring of the malleable public is clearly in Harpers favour.

Those who believe it was all Bin Laden who created terror in the world, those who are ready to jump back to sacrificing their civil liberties for protection of the rightwing militaristic governments, will clearly today, jump to Harper.

It is reactionary and as predictable as Pavlov’s dog.

Obama rang the bell for Harper at the last possible moment. He could have waited but then the NDP might have restricted the polluting activities of the Coalbed methane fracking fields for Natural gas. The NDP might restrict the Tars Sands production. The NDP might restrict Crude Oil tankers on the west Coast of BC. The NDP might ensure responsible resource extraction procedures; not ones which use thriving alive lakes and rivers as tailings ponds and waste dumps.

As bizarre as it might seem, as unreasonable as it appears, as small as one might think Canada is in the grand scheme of things, it is Canada that provides America with everything it needs. International support in the military operations (we make them look really good), fresh water, all their energy security, free access to everything they ask for actually.

This Conspiracy Theory # 62 is probably the most realistic of all the theories. Even our own past Premier, Gordon Campbell went to the highly secretive New World Order Bilderberg Group meeting due to his leadership in BC, the province providing huge natural resource benefits to the USA. And CBC’s anchor, Peter Mansbridge also attended.

Anyone that counts Canada and the leadership of Canada as an insignificant asset in America’s portfolio has been lulled into a stupor of embarrassing proportions.

In our opinion, nothing is coincidental, especially in the international games of war and peace, nothing, and this is overtly obvious.

Obama stated last night, "and today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation." He waited until the eve of Canada's Federal election.

And just how sick are we to react with joy at the outright murder of this man. Is that the new style of democratic justice? A trial by the mainstream manipulated media and an execution without any evidence except a video clip, claimed to be of him, which clearly wasn't.

And of course we have to wonder if this wasn't all staged and they really didn't get him. Have YOU seen the body? Maybe he is actually back in an American hospital getting another kidney dialysis treatment as he has in the past.

Now just where is that tinfoil hat?
Cospiracy Theories
Comment by Darcy Metz on 3rd May 2011
Not sure what to make of your article. Like you, I am disappointed with the federal election results. I also don't believe killing bin laden will make the world any safer, but him being dead is not a bad thing either.

I certainly don't beleive everything the MSM tells us to believe, I seek alternate points of view like this local news site. Then I also don't believe everything the terrace/kitimat daily reports either.

I believe in a previous article you claim that the sudden Canadian election was a result of the forces of "internationalists" who wanted to force a Canadian election to distract us from the Fukashima nuclear reactor disaster in Japan. LOL and WTF came to my mind when I read that.

Now President Obama ordered the killing of bin laden to help derail an NDP surge which may have prevented a Harper majority government. This so a USA friendly gov't in Ottawa will ensure that America gets all their physical needs from Canada including, "all their energy security." - If the USA had all their energy needs satisfied by Canada then they would not be occupying Iraq and depending so heavily on middle east crude oil!

But to each their own and I will enjoy the last 18 days of life as we know it before the rapture happens on May 21, because not believing that is like believing men actually walked on the moon!
Comment by Don Bruce on 3rd May 2011
I went to bed last night full of chagrin. I experienced the worst of nightmares; northern Alberta trashed,denuded of trees,Athabaska river drainage fouled from beginning to end. And in B.C., the Bulkley, Skeena, Nass resembling the Salton Sea. It was awful, I awoke and thought...that`s not going to happen. Is it?
Comment by TLE on 3rd May 2011
I completely agree with this article, I think conspiracy theories seem so very "crazy" to some people, but those same people believe everything the media says and expect that it's true SOLELY because CBC - etc. - has written it.
Response To Who wants to know
Comment by Danny Nunes on 3rd May 2011
Boo hoo there pal keep crying about reading stuff you dont like....would you like a tissue to wipe away the tears.

Oh and you wont be coming to the site any longer? LOL you say that like its a horrible tragedy. Dont let the door hit you on the way out and I laugh at you again for not even putting your name to your comment.

Comment by nah on 3rd May 2011
lol, the update says Obama's body was dumped
Oops, thanks for noticing, it is corrected now to bin Laden
Comment by Louis on 2nd May 2011
I hadn't even looked at the issue in that light... But you are correct, the NDP would have easily taken away a conservative majority without Osama dying. Well though-out.
what is this?
Comment by Who wants to know on 2nd May 2011
I thought this website was supposed to be news, yeah sure there have been editorials done and what have you. But conspiracy theories? I do now know if you are serious in this article but this was the stupidest thing I read all day long. I guarantee you Obama doesn't even know we have an election today, and if we did, would he not want someone that is closer to his mindset someone more on the left side of the political spectrum.

I realize this comment will not be posted on this site as I did not provide my name but I do know someone is reading it. This is supposed to be a news site, you may own it and have the right to say what you want. But I will no longer be coming to this site if this kind of garbage continues to published, and I am sure I am not this only one that thinks so.

If you have any confidence in being a real news site this article will come down.

Thank you
Thoughtful scheduling
Comment by c. sandecki on 2nd May 2011
Best of all, Obama allowed the Royal wedding to happen first, giving the reporters a chance to fly back to U.S. soil to be on hand for the bin Laden announcement. Then to snuggle that in before the Canadian election!! Perfect planning.
Something smells fishy
Comment by Stuart Horner on 2nd May 2011
All that planning for this attack on the compound and they used two helicopters to sneak in? How do you do a sneak attack with 2 helicopters?

Getting rid of the body that fast is also very fishy. They did so before the DNA results were in.

A few days before they announced Osama bin Laden death some news stations were saying that if Osama was killed Al-Qaeda would detonate a nuclear bomb somewhere in Europe. Not sure if they meant dirty bomb or they had a real nuke? I can't see the outcome of this making a safer world. Al-Qaeda will surely retaliate. The timing of this event sure smells like fish or worse.
Another question is?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 2nd May 2011
What will his death do for the loyalty and devotion his followers have that leads them to become suicide bombers for whatever his cause was? Will they thirst for revenge? Wiil the U.S. and any countries identified as being supportive of U.S. ventures in the Middle East make their respective populations any safer because the man is dead?