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CONTRIBUTION · 4th May 2011
Maggie Braun
I would like to thank everyone who voted to protect Canadian sovereignty. You are an extraordinary group of Canadians who participated in true, grassroots democracy.

A couple of our CAP candidates did very well, so we will get noticed. I would like to encourage you all to get involved. Become a member, request a meeting to find out more and let your voices be heard!

The Canadian Action Party campaign went well as support for our message grew from the last election. Despite a late start and numerous obstacles we have emerged stronger and more prepared next time.

Maybe we will change our name to the "none of the above party," we could get 40 % of the vote and have a majority.

Nationally speaking I think Canada needs a National Psychologist. Canadians now have a Dictator that would, trample on their rights, sell off their country, put their children into debt slavery and go to war with countries because they are told to.

This is not the country I knew...Canada died yesterday, my sincere condolences to everyone.

It’s time to join CAP, or put up the American flag and start singing “Oh say can you see.”

The NDP opposition will only make a difference if they stand up to multinational bankers and corporations, and stop allowing unconstitutional bills to pass through the Ottawa.