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CONTRIBUTION · 8th May 2011
Everyone has the opportunity to become educated. One might choose to ignore the truth and continue to live in lala land and another might choose to attempt to discover the truth and care for the future, for the kids or, maybe, selfishly for ones self.

If you are in the latter camp and wish to understand the reality of what we are all facing, here is a quick 10 minute snapshot.

And you thought oil was bad?

Click here to watch a presentation in Montreal by Helen Caldicott, the most knowledgable unbiased scientist on nuclear reactors.
Super solar storm
Comment by Stuart Horner on 11th May 2011
Imagine what would happen if we got a large flare from the Sun (like the Carrington Super Flare of 1859)

It would knock out all the power stations and generator back-ups for all nuclear plants worldwide at once. And it's not a matter of "if" it will happen, it's when.

We were lucky a few years back (Nov. 4th 2003) when the sun let go of one of the biggest flares on record (est. to be a X-45) Twice as large as the X-20 on the 2nd of April, 2001. What if these had been pointed toward earth? This is our biggest nuclear threat and we are not even close to being prepared for it.
it's all bad
Comment by terry#2 on 9th May 2011
drifting towards unparralleld catastrophe.. says it all. it's funny that in such a "free" country we all feel so safe. That's cuz we don't care about our leading export being uranium and wheat.... but boy oh boy we are gonna really be in for a treat when japan starts returning all that uranium. i just finished putting my outdoor garden to bed today. it's all fenced off and ready for seeding. now all i gotta do is wait six hundred years for it to be ready to grow again. I'll bet were not gonna feel very "free" for very much longer. especially when it rains and everyone is running for cover. have fun swimming in your local nuclear lake and catching world record setting salmon in the skeena river. world record setting for the "FASTEST" case of breast cancer, after consuming nuclear fish. is it to risky to bring a child into this world now?? and am I gonna be one of the 3million north americans to die from the largest environmental catastrophe to face mankind? these are all questions someone should be asking.. what is our govrenment going to do to keep us informed... or better yet. What are they already doing to get us to look the other way?