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COMMENTARY · 22nd May 2011
Merv Ritchie Walter McFarlane
When a person becomes addicted to any substance they become focused on getting any amount when they run out. Tobacco is an easy example. Smokers will pick up discarded cigarettes off the street. They will empty an ashtray of butts and twist out the remaining tobacco from the dead filters and roll up a new smoke when they run out.

Coffee drinkers are the same; they will heat up old coffee if they run out of new grounds and accept anything even remotely resembling coffee.

Of course most understand the socially destructive addictions of alcohol and heroin but most consider the drugs prescribed by their doctors acceptable.

It is the intensity of the addiction that is the real problem not the addiction itself.

Gambling will sometimes result in a family discovering their food pantry empty, their housing gone and their future uncertain. What video machine gamblers get is an emotional kick. Much like playing the Xbox and Playstation games these psychological kicks are equally addictive and dangerous. These unfortunate families, along with the drug and alcohol addicted groups, can be identified by seeing their hungry, threadbare children suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome or other such psychological impairments. This sometimes results in subsequent generations losing the ability to secure a stable and successful life.

When a man or woman sacrifices the needs of their children to acquire their 'drug of choice' or when the use of the substance causes harm to others and their future we know the addiction is a bad one and the habit needs to be addressed.

A large segment of society today has become addicted to an entirely new drug. This drug is in extremely short supply and users are now sacrificing their future and the future generations for just a snippet of the substance. The users of this drug are primarily the government workers and elected leaders. The use of this drug has become so widely prevalent and in such short supply that most gatherings and conventions focus only on getting more supply at any cost. The suppliers of the drug attend to the politicians by making bold advances suggesting a coming supply and are greeted, hugged and applauded for their promises.

The drug of course, is simply the word jobs. The politicians, government administrations and their followers are so addicted to this word all one has to do is mention it in a proposal and the venture is greeted warmly without reservations.

Terrace BC had a wonderfully humorous example of this addiction in March of 2010 when the Terrace Economic Development Authority (TEDA) delivered a presentation to the elected Council and Administration on behalf of a company trading on the Stock Exchange in Vancouver.

The request by TEDA was for the City to write a letter of support. A letter prepared for TEDA to present on behalf of Pristine Power read;

The benefits include 200 construction jobs, 16 ‘high end’ direct jobs, 100 indirect jobs, $120 million investment, First Nations business opportunities in supply and ownership, improvements in air quality and a community recycling depot for wood waste.

The proposal was to set up in the center of the City a huge wood waste burning facility. Note the words at the end of the quoted sentence, the words no one heard except the words jobs mentioned three times(Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!); improvements in air quality. How would setting up a wood burning incinerator in the center of town improve air quality?

From the same letter “this 30MW plant would require approximately 450,000m3 of fibre supply.

The City approved the writing of a support letter for these stock exchange junkies, one written by the company themselves. When we asked the TEDA representative how this would improve air quality he stated he hadn't actually read that sentence and couldn`t answer us.

Read the Council presentation HERE.

And this is what has happened all across the job depleted north. The mere mention of a potential supply has these drug addicted victims completely prepared to sacrifice the future of their communities, their neighbouring communities and the liveable environment of the entire region. The prospect of "Jobs" no matter how little, has them entertaining the most destructive companies on the planet.

There is a need for a treatment center. A treatment center to bring these unfortunate people addicted to the word jobs to an understanding of their addiction. They will likely fall back to their addiction so there will need to be continuous monitoring and follow up sessions.

If we wish to ensure our children are able to grow up in a healthy environment where they can grow and prosper with loving pride we need to build this treatment program immediately.

On May 11, 12 and 13 a gathering of 40 local government organizations from all across Northern BC met together for a convention. Enbridge funded the convention and their main Public Relations person was the Master of Ceremonies providing the entertainment. Enbridge is, yes, promising jobs. Not very many jobs, but just a couple has these addicted folks acting like teenagers at a prom.

Enbridge's promise of jobs is hung onto by many people who are struggling to make ends meet although there is no guarantee they will meet the job requirements. Opposition to Enbridge is often met with questions including: "But don't you support jobs?" or blatant statements about how other industries are just as bad for the environment which do not take into consideration what an oil spill would do to the local river fish stocks or drinking water.

When people jump at the word jobs without first thinking about what consequences may come from said jobs, be it drastic changes to our environment or division of communities in a debate over what is more important: money, prestige or drinking water, then addiction is the most fitting word there is. Just say no.

Video presentation recorded live in Vancouver regarding the Northwest corner of BC, the Sacred Circle, and the sacrificies the political leaders are prepared to make for their drug of choice.
Where the real jobs are with Enbridge.  No special skills required.  Everyone can join in.
Where the real jobs are with Enbridge. No special skills required. Everyone can join in.