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CONTRIBUTION · 25th May 2011
First of all, THANK YOU to the campers that helped clean up the campsites that you did not destroy. As noted in previous article.

I have been mulling over how to appropriately write an article to post over the lack of respect the teenagers had towards the campsites.

I was part of a group of approximately 6 families with young children that have been camping at Red Sands campground every May Long weekend for the past three years. This year we went out on the Wednesday night and set up camp to reserve a spot away from the busy middle section to increase safety for the children to roam in our campground. When we arrived there was one other trailer set up and other than the pine needles and a few stray trees that were windblown over the winter the campground was pristine. We got out our rakes and began setting up.

Wednesday night was a nice peaceful camp.

Thursday mid day, we made our way up to the viewpoint that overlooked the camps - again a pristine trail and the viewpoint was intact. Thursday night- more FAMILIES started pulling in and setting up- Again a peaceful night, however, there were a few random tents that were set up and left empty overnight- unknown to us this was for the grad party.

Friday- This is when the chaos began. Car and truck loads of teenagers ranging in all ages - 98% were most likely under 19- began piling in, including being dropped off by their parents. They ripped up and down the road looking for a place to set up; however, all camps were taken.

We had to address many vehicles, quads, and dirt bikes to slow down on the road as there were children and we were concerned over their safety. It came to the point that one group of the young teens began taking over one of our sites. We asked them to respect our camp area, that we have children and that we are out for a family weekend.

The night involved watching young teens walking down the road and through our camp carrying nothing but 26ers of rye or vodka, hooting and hollering, completely inebriated, littering everywhere, fires roaring, quads and dirt bike ripping up and down to the dead-end not wearing helmets! We approached the multiple campers that were walking through our camp and asked them to please not walk through our camp and approached the trucks, quad and dirt bikers to slow down as we were concerned over our children’s safety.

The Conservation Officers did arrive that night and checked in on the camps, however, I do not believe the backing of the RCMP to enforce breaking up the underage drinking and chaos was stern enough.

Saturday- The morning was peaceful as you can image as they were all sleeping off their hangovers from the partying of the night before that went on to the wee hours. Our group had quads, helmets and liability insurance (which we understand is a must if traveling on Forestry Roads), we set out on a little trek up to the view point to go exploring. With respect of the other campers around we traveled slowly through the park. Not ripping up and down.

On the way the garbage was unreal, stuff was everywhere. When we got to the view point the benches that had been there the day before were destroyed. Litter was everywhere.

One of our sites was completely overtaken by one group and we had to actually move our tent trailer - This was not acceptable but we did not want a confrontation as we knew the teens would be unreasonable due to their behaviour.

We were also made aware that there were two camps set up in the middle of this “grad party” that consisted of an off duty RCMP member and a RN who set up “traps” around their camps to protect their belongings and to protect their camps from being trampled on.

Another family that we knew were set up on the beach and had to relocate due to a disturbing fight that took place in front of their kids. The threat of axes being thrown and “going to get a gun” was enough for them to pack up and relocate. Our camp was approached by one young male who had been beaten to a very confused state and needed directions back to his camp- which we then delivered him to his group.

The Saturday night party continued with the quads and dirt bikes ripping everywhere, drunk teenagers continued hooting and hollering and littering and included one female passed out in the middle of the road.

The RCMP did make their way out that night and approached our camp to check on things. I do have to apologize to any campers that the ONE song that our whole group sang together while playing crib just after 11pm “was disturbing the peace”-as one member of the RCMP put it. My apologies, but I do not believe the one song made any difference to the parties that were happening down the street.

Sunday morning it was quite disturbing to go out and explore as the litter was unreal. The dirt bikes and quads ripping through the park continued. Drunken teenagers were everywhere. Just a sad sight. Our group again went up to the view point only to find one wall had been completely destroyed. Why anyone would want to do this is unreal. It was quite a disturbing site for our group of campers who have enjoyed the trek up there over the years to enjoy the view.

Monday we began packing up our camp. It was pretty easy as we had kept our bottles in a bag set up just for that, trash was kept in garbage bags, our camp was clean. We even did walk around to ensure we had left the camp how we found it “you pack it in, you pack it out”. When I drove out it was disgusting! Garbage including: empties, plastic cups, coolers, tents, chairs, sleeping bags, trash, toilet paper EVERYWHERE! I was sick to my stomach.

Thank you again S. Bosco and James for cleaning up some sites. I wish I had known you were cleaning up and had room in my truck to take out other items the grads left behind.

I am sure like every year the RCMP knew that there would be a grad party planned for Red Sand. My question is why were there not patrols/road blocks set up on the Friday night checking vehicles of minors for alcohol. This was the case when I was a grad. Where were the fines, emptying of the bottles, sending people home, and patrols on Monday to ensure the sites were cleaned up and if not fines issued?

This is a very nice area that families go out to enjoy a weekend of camping at. It was destroyed!

I also passed multiple “parents” on my way home going out to pick up their teens that they dropped off on Friday night. If it were my Mom or Dad picking me up when I was a teen and they saw the mess I would have not been able to leave until the mess was cleaned up and I assure you all my friends parents would be informed of the mess as well. We would be cleaning up the mess no matter how hungover we were!

As to publishing their names, I am hoping when the Conservation Officers and RCMP were out “patrolling” they took down some license plates. The people we had problems with consisted of: a yellow Dodge truck pulling a travel trailer, a white Dodge with Alberta plates, a black older Pathfinder, a yellow dirt bike, a red/orange dirt bike, a Yamaha Grizzly quad with a very loud pipe and a Raptor type quad. The parents of these teenagers I truly hope you address the inappropriateness of their actions this weekend.

As to the grads/teen partiers, SHAME ON YOU! Red Sands Lake camp ground on Wednesday was pristine and beautiful. The view point was intact. You have destroyed it. One day I hope you realize the disappointment you caused so many families this weekend and weekends to come.
Let it go
Comment by Leave em be on 18th June 2011
I've lived in terrace for 37 years and redsand lake has bee the mat long party spot fir teens fir as long as I can remember...
Teens are also people, remember when you where a teen???
They are far away, not desterbing anyone, not hurting anyone.. Just making a mess which back in the day and by the sounds of it still gets cleaned up as it always does... It's been going on for well over 30 years now.... Lots of teens like to party, where else would they do it where nobody us going to bother them??
Comment by Will on 9th June 2011
First of all I am embarrassed to say that i was at redsands 2 weeks ago and I witnessed the "mayhem" and "destruction" and everything else that can be described about that certain weekend.
It has been said before that the grads cannot be blamed for it and I totally agree with that. The last weekend was the actual grad campout at heart farm where there was about 100 people (about 75 grads)there partying. Instead of destruction of property, truckloads of garbage and teens falling drunk on the roads there was a respectful group that cleaned up and kept it relatively quiet and well behaved. Some will say that this was because of the almost dictator like police road block that stopped every vehicle and took all alcohol they could because of suspicion of distibuton to a minor, legal age or not. I don't believe so because beer and bottles all found their way in, one way or another. So maybe it had to do with the limited number of people that wouldn't come out because their alcohol would be confiscated. That's fine with me because my argument is that people that need to get "wasted" to come out camping are the ones that caused all the problems at redsands earlier. This is all good because it showed that the grads were all very respectful to the environment and know how to camp and party without causing large problems.
I find 2 things funny. One, how everyone was so quick to bash the grads and people like me who were out there and had graduated already about the garbage and how discusting and disrespectful we were, the 2nd is that there are no stories in the standard or on the daily or any other local news source that describes how the actual grad campout turned out. There was a forestry truck that pulled up and the officer (not sure his official title) walked around and even commented to us how there was "no piles of garbage scattered everywhere." Also there was a family that was there that had told some of the younger campers that they were there to report on all the drunk kids and all the garbage that was left behind. Where was this report? Is it worth reporting even if there is nothing negative to say? I guess not.
I just hope that next year at this time the police do the same thing at both the maylong weekend and grad campout so that the legitimate young and older campers can enjoy their time without being bashed by the media and people of the northwest as being disrespectful youth that have no regard for the pristine campsites around the beautiful northwest british columbia.
Grad Party?
Comment by Stephanie on 29th May 2011
While I do agree that Red Sands is a common place for youths (not teens) to gather, it is in no way the "grad party" for each graduating class. I'm positive I can speak for my own grad class, and the one's before me, and the one's who've followed which includes this year. With that being said, it's not the job of police to baby sit either. They are out their every year doing the best they can to stop, and control the underage drinking. It is unfortunate that this years grad class is going to be harbored by a few. Next time, don't associate a couple teens into an entire grad class.
g arbage
Comment by mother of teenagers on 28th May 2011
· i seen the mess as we drove threw the campsite area on a drive to surprise the kids with donuts ........ twas gross just dont try take your dog for a walk!!!
but i see the same mess in the bushes at the airport following local drag racing events, just irresponsible laziness by people aged far from teenagers .
Enjoy your summer ! stay safe ! in beautiful B.C. [ careful where u step ]
It only takes a few
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 27th May 2011
I almost hate to wade into this debate but a couple of comments bother me. The notion that people should avoid Red Sand Lake on the May long weekend because this is one of the chosen places for a bunch of drunken idiots is plain silly. If you want to drink yourself stupid, go find some private land out in the bush somewhere and go to it. This place is public land and everyone has a right to camp there without morons spoiling the experience. There is such a thing as camping etiquette.

It is the kind of event that can easily lead to tragedy and most grads know enough to avoid these places. They are attended by the few losers, many who have been out of school for a few years and are still into booze for a good time.

One good thing about this is that except for a few dumb comments like Steve M's and "It was fun" there are obviously a lot of responsible other folks who are offended by the actions of a few.

That is a positive sign and maybe next year the RCMP will be better prepared to deal with the offenders. It is either that or one of these years some camper will decide he has had enough.
Should RCMP be babysitters and garbagemen?
Comment by c. sandecki on 27th May 2011
So many lay the blame on the RCMP for not assigning one "nanny" per camper to keep a lid on things.
What happened to the notion each person should be well enough brought up to police their own behaviour?
Are we Really the Future?
Comment by Roy Harding on 27th May 2011
As disgusted as I am with the reported behaviour of some - I don't think that ALL your fellow grads are like this, I don't even think that MOST of your fellow grads are like this - I DO think that SOME of your fellow grads are like this.

Despite my derision of SOME of your classmates when they whine about being "labelled", I have a great deal of faith in the future - when you and your classmates have the fate of the country in your hands. I'm well aware that the actions of the few do not necessarily reflect on the morality of the many.

HOWEVER - what I DO have a problem with is that SOME of your fellow classmates have posted here intimating that they were there, they didn't participate in whatever devilry was being committed, BUT they didn't DO anything about it - they just got on here and whined about being "labelled".

There's a commonly know quote regarding good men doing nothing - it's generally attributed to Edmund Burke - I'd encourage you to look it up.
Comment by Grad of 2011 on 27th May 2011
Like many of my fellow graduates, we are sorry that you had a terrible Maylong experience at RedSand. But at the same time, you were far too quick at pointing fingers. This was not a 'grad' party at all and the fact that you are putting the majority of the blame on the grad class of 2011 by calling it a 'grad' party, is completely unacceptable in my opinion.

Im not trying to cast the blame on everyone but ourselves as I was out there and did see a few people that I know acting irresponsible and very disrespectful, but in my opinion this Maylong could have easily been controlled by the RCMP much better than it was.

I am not denying that there was not a presence of RCMP members out there, because there most certainly was. Roadblocks were set up each night on the gravel road right before the mill on your right as you are coming in to RedSand. We all got our liscences looked over, made sure we had insurance, had no alcohol in the vehicle if we were underage, had only one passenger if we had our N's, and also displayed an N on the back of our vehicles. Clearly, that was not enough.

While out at the campsite, I did not see any RCMP members at all. I have heard that there were some that said we were not allowed to have open alcohol on the roads, but not one came into my campsite that had about 20 people in it to check for minors with alcohol.

So, my question is why was there not more RCMP officers out there to ensure a safe environment for all the campers at RedSand? If there was more officers, maybe a Prince Rupert teen who was recently out of prison, and who was on some extremely heavy drugs would not have been throwing an ax through some innocent people's vehicle windshield. My thought is that this Maylong could have been far less devistating if the presence of RCMP members had been much stronger throughout the weekend.

Once again, on behalf of anyone out there that was from our grad class and was acting irresponsible, we are sorry that you had to put up with us. But at the same time, please dont cast the blame on our entire grad class by calling this a 'grad' party when it was definitely not that at all and was merely a Maylong weekend that should have been patrolled and supervised more efficiently.
Are we REALLY the future?
Comment by A sad child. A very sad child. on 27th May 2011
Aren't we supposed to be curing diseases, saving the planet, and leading countries when we're older? If most of my grad class is like this, then I hope I'm wrong. (I'm in this years grad.)
response to redsands
Comment by TKB on 27th May 2011
Redsands IS a public camping spot enjoyed by many families as a source of family entertainment so that we can enjoy the beautiful outdoors at no monetary expense. As responsible Citizens of this place we call home we would like to be able to enjoy where ever we go paid or not there is no Excuse for complete disrepsect for your fellow campers whether they paid for that spot or not.... have respect! i believe the original "journalist" was just pointing out the complete DISREGARD for other campers and the beautiful camping area that many people visit maylong weekend and every other weekend of the camping season. The people that were drinking whether they were grad or kids or adults were complete A**'s to the other campers and should just be humble enough to admit they were out of hand and disrepectful...
Dear "it was fun"
Comment by Megan on 26th May 2011
you are a prime example of a child who was obviously spoiled and had parents who had their heads so far up their own butts to give a crap about what you do. The fact that you acted like a drunken idiot is not justified by the fact that your a teen that had to get away from your parents. I also go out camping and drink and have a fantastic time without disrupting others around me and I also somehow managed to go a whole night without the urge to break something. That being said you are damn lucky the people you disrupted were good upstanding people because had it been me, I too would have the urge to break something...most likely your neck and at some time during the weekend when drunks stumbled through my personal space It would have been made known that I had no problem bringing out a pellet gun and popping a pellet in your ass
A real journalist would get there story straight beforehand.
Comment by -- on 26th May 2011
I don't believe it was right of you to lable this as a "grad party." I can assure you that only some grads went out, the rest were older, younger or people from out of town... Getting your story straight BEFORE writting an article is what a journalist is suppose to do. Yes, it was very disrepectful for people to trash a well known and used campsite, including a beautiful look out. However, it is just as disrespectful to accuse the grad class of 2011 for this destruction. Also, i would like to point out, by saying "ruined by teen parties," you are labelling every teen, which is wrong, since there were the ones who didn't go to this party. You said this party ranged from all ages... some were "adults", so to point out, adults can be just as disrespectful as anyone else. The litter alot as well, the difference with them litter and this party is, it was more noticable because there were more people. Not saying you as a person, but some ADULTS would be appaled if everytime they litter it was there on there yard, it would pile up just as much as what happened at the party...

I suggest re-writting the article and not accusing people, exspecially when you CLEARLY don't have your story right. But thanks for labelling teens everywhere, not appreciated at all.
Giving Us A Bad Name
Comment by EG on 26th May 2011
I am sorry that a few teenagers managed to give an entire grad class a bad name. And while I am sorry that families had a hard time enjoying their long weekend, as a grad of 2011, I am appalled that the author of this article would put a label on these teenagers as "grads". By doing so the entire grad class was labelled as a bunch of party-going ruffians, which I can guarantee you is false. Respect goes two ways, and I can again, guarantee you, that the majority of our grad class is respectful, and proud of the community we live in. I would expect such an upstanding member of our community to recognize that not all teenagers and/or grads act in such a deplorable manner.
Response to Labels?
Comment by Graduate of 2011 on 26th May 2011
I am a member of the graduating class of 2011, and I am completley shocked at the mess and destruction that has been caused last weekend. However, I do know that the redsand area is an area that teenagers go to every year for Maylong. This year is not an exception. Even growing up, everyone knew that teenagers were going to be there and it is not a good place to bring children. As to the comment about how we should not get upset over being called an incorrect label is completley unreasonable. This is our graduating year, and we all want to have fun enjoying it, but when our grade and our classmates get publicly bashed for things we all did not do, we're not just going to sit and shrug it off.

Also, we are not responsible for others actions. If a few of our classmates were responsible for any destruction, yes we could call them out on it. However, we are all 18, or turning 18, and would hope that they have the maturity and conscience to step up and admit it. By calling it a "grad party" and by saying "shame on you" that is not neccesary at all. We live in a small town, and our dry grad is covered by some sponsors. By posting articles like this, it could potentially jeopardize things for the majority that were not involved.

Also, now in response to the article, there were cops out there, and they did try to do thier jobs. So honestly, don't say something without knowing your facts first. The Maylong party was NOT a grad party, the graduating class of 2011 should not be put in such a negative light, and don't try to scruntize the cops because of this either. Reading the comments to this shows how responsible some of the graduates are, and we did step up to apologize. Blaming this mess on teenagers is something that is childish in itself.
Comment by Roy Harding on 26th May 2011
All the posts regarding the fact that this was not a "Grad" party, and that only a small majority of those involved are actually Grads this year are fine.

However - getting upset because someone puts an invalid label on you is silly. If the label applies to you - then so be it. If it doesn't - shrug it off.

I'm a middle aged Caucasian male - you wouldn't BELIEVE the incorrect labels that people attempt to apply to me - if I were to get upset over it every time it happened, I'd only have time for being upset.

I have to ask the un-involved Grads, though - if you KNOW that there were only 20 or so of your class involved, then it stands to reason that you know who at least some of there were. What have you done about it? The choices are clear - confront the individual(s) involved (not recommended), report them to a responsible authority (your parents, your teachers, the RCMP), or other action you may deem fit.

OR, I suppose you could just do nothing and whine about being unjustly "Labelled".
Comment by M.L. on 26th May 2011
The destruction at red sands this weekend was a shame, but I would say it is pretty unfair to simply blame "teenagers" and the "grad class" for what happened. First of all out of 25o Terrace grads, maybe 20 went out there this weekend. I find it hard to believe that these 20 grads managed to completely destroy an entire campsite. This can hardly be described as a grad party, considering that the majority of people out there were over 19. And considering you most likely don't know many of the grads, isn't it a little hard to identify them as the ones who caused the damage? Just because we are young doesn't mean all we are about is destruction, and an entire grad class is upset at being labelled.
In response to "It was Fun"
Comment by JKraft on 26th May 2011
Since you added zero validity to your inconsiderate post by forgetting to add a proper screen name, let me just say this; you should be ashamed of yourself, whoever you are. But since you probably don't care, and since I'm a parent by some regard, I'll say I'm ashamed on your behalf. We're talking all-out vandalization here, you were supposedly a part of or at least felt was justifiable because you "wanted to have fun".

Never mind the fact that this is a public ground where not only yourself, but OTHER paying people have a right to go. Clearly your desire to "get away from your parents" and use that as the piss poor excuse for what went down, shows me that you aren't mature enough to be camping by yourself with your other inconsiderate friends.

This was a blatant disregard to property that wasn't yours and to EXPECT that people should just leave because they don't want to deal with your antics on a public holiday weekend in a public space is disrespectful and just plain ignorant. I understand that you're likely used to everybody cleaning up after you at home, but this is not your home, it's everyone's space, and you allow it to be treated it like it's nothing.

There's people who are being blamed for this atrocity and you're okay with that because you felt entitled to have fun at others' expense.

You, Child, clearly need to grow up!
Comment by HL on 26th May 2011
Red Sands is a campsite that has no fee involved, hence why there is so many teenagers attending this camp spot. Most people realize this, which is why they don't camp there on "Maylong" or any other long weekend when it is expected that teens and other partier's will be there. My opinion is that if you want peace and quite, go pay for your campsite at a provincial site, otherwise stop complaining and let the "teens" have fun because we all know you where young once too.
Comment by Emily on 26th May 2011
It is hard to read this article and not be speechless by what you are saying. Yes there were SOME, keyword "some", graduating students at red sand this weekend. But definitely not enough to make a big mess like you are saying. I understand how it can be annoying to have to listen to young teenagers party. But its maylong, what do you expect, you knew it was maylong going to Redsand, so im sure you knew that there were going to be a lot of younger people partying into the "wee" hours. But all the people i was with didnt even own quads, or anything. So I think i speak for myself and lots of other people when i say get the facts straight before writing an article for the newspaper. Almost all the graduating students didnt have anything loud to use, they didnt litter, they cleaned up before they left to back into town, and made sure to keep everything the way it was. It is very hurtful to think that you just assume this was the grad party, it definitely wasnt. And there were more people out there that were already graduated, some more then 2 years ago. So please next time you put in a complaint make sure all your facts are right and dont assume things. We are way more respectful then that, and to destroy a park in our hometown is just ridiculous and would never be done. I and my friends would never let it happen.
show your faces
Comment by m.b.weston on 26th May 2011
To all of you who are hiding behind aliases on this thread, will you please step forward and give us your names?
It doesn't say "Terrace Grads" anywhere!!!
Comment by Katie on 26th May 2011
First of all the title says “teen partiers” and not the "Grad Class of Caledonia 2011 partiers".

Secondly the article does not distinguish that the teens were from Terrace or from Rupert.

Thirdly, the location is well known to be the Grad Party place of choice for the May Long Weekend and it doesn’t say that only grads were there or responsible for the chaos.

Fourthly, the May Long Red Sand Grad party is well known to be crashed by over aged "1989" Grads (or at least it was "1989" grads when I attended the 95-98 Grad Parties and it may be crashed by Grad "2005s" these days!). So yes there were most likely of age drinkers there too but that should not overshadow the fact that there were obviously many underage irresponsible drinkers there.

And lastly the article is clearly directed towards the reckless/disrespectful partiers and not all the partiers. So if you were one of the partiers that didn’t destroy the campsite thank you for not being disrespectful. But on another note if you were there you probably know the ones that did so perhaps you should man-up or women-up for that matter and name the careless disrespectful idiots that did ruin the site. I`m sure in this day and age one of you has proof in the form of digital pictures already posted on Facebook showing the people responsible for the destruction anyways!

Oh and P.S. this article is also posted on the Prince Rupert Daily as well!
Good grief and thank you.
Comment by Boby on 26th May 2011
Thank you to the responsible grad who spoke up on behalf of her class to clear things up. Now people understand what happened a little better. This was NOT the grad camp out.

To the other post "shut up". You are an example of what is wrong with a LOT of people these days. YES people like to party. I was one of them. But we were polite and thoughtful enough to go to secluded areas and clean up after ourselves. We did not go to family camp grounds and act disgustingly in front of children and families.

This article clearly stated that some youth did clean up after themselves and that those families camping where thankful for that. So to come on here and post that you "just want o have fun" is ludicrous because those families that where there AND where there first also had the right to "just have fun". They were not harming anything or anyone with their fun.

If you were there, you saw what was going on, and you did nothing to stop it than you are partly responsible yourself.
Agree with "Different Perspective"
Comment by Parent of Grad on 26th May 2011
I posted on another article and agree with this Grad, this was not a Grad Party-I am the parent of one who along with many others was not there. Most "Grad" parties are in fact not grad related, just the timing. So please before you start calling down all grads, keep in mind you are incorrect. The majority of these partiers were 18 and older, not grads at all.
For "it was fun"
Comment by Roy Harding on 26th May 2011
If you're so sure about that opinion - stop hiding behind the anonymity of a screen name and take the credit for your views.
Sad situation
Comment by Steve Hallett on 26th May 2011
I have been in Terrace for a few years and was told quite a while ago it was a good place to avoid especially on the May long weekend. We had heard of simialr prolblems at Lakelse in the past but decided to make the venture out and had a great time with our family.We were visited by park facility operators, RCMP, Conservation and even the terrace Fire Dept. Sadly Red Sands has not improved and even though we should be able to enjoy these beautiful parks anytime the May long weekend saga of problems continue.
Bias and ill informed
Comment by A on 26th May 2011
Calling this a grad camp out was a very poor choice of words, this was simply a may long party. There are a lot of offended grads thanks to you.
Comment by Grad Student on 26th May 2011
I find it very unfair and unreasonable to be aiming this article at the grad class, because there was at most 10 graduates from Terrace there. The majority of the people there were from Prince Rupert. It wasn't a "grad party", it was may long. It happens every year, and yes it is a shame that people trashed the campsites but the blame shouldn't be put on the grad class. Instead of bashing the grad class of 2011 from Terrace, you should have maybe taken a look to see what kinds of kids were there and where they were from instead of assuming it was a grad party. Less than 10% of our grad class attended. Our grad class is filled with respectable teenagers with morals and thats probably why not more than 20 of us went. I can say I personally went for less than an hour, stayed sober and left as soon as an incoherent drunk girl from Prince Rupert threatened me and my friends with a knife. So although there were a few graduating student from Terrace there, I'm sure I can say that they didn't greatly contribute to the mobs of people, disturbances and garbage.
A different perspective
Comment by Offended Grad Student on 26th May 2011
I agree totaly with the content of the article and the major disrespect from many teenagers. This comment is comming from a grad student who would just like to justify the fact that maylong has always been crazy, yes. People should have cleaned, yes. But many did clean including the campsite i was at. and there was also many prince rupert kids there. far more than terrace. we we're greatly out numbered by at least 40-60 people becuase many teenagers from terrace actualy had troubles with Prince Rupert. Also the amount of grads actualy there wasn't outstanding. The majority that was partying were actualy above the age of 19, even though many under. Please do not bash our entire grad class without proof that terrace grad did all the damage. As much as the kids offended many of the campers, an entire grad class is offended because it was not a "grad party" it was a general party. I do appologize on behalf of many people around my age and parties, but not on behalf of my entire grad class because I would say 5-10% of the entire grad class was actually present at this campground.
Comment by it was fun! on 26th May 2011
Red Sand isn't only about camping for the old, its for teens that want to have fun and get away from parents. So what if we partied there, if you didn't like it.. why didn't you leave and go somewhere else.
Word from a Minor.
Comment by Steve M on 26th May 2011
I was there at redsand and everyone is over exadgerating. For one, It was not a grad campout. If it was such a big deal about all this then why the hell did you camp here. Sure there was a few kids that were very drunk and mindless but who on earth can you compare every teenager out there to one???? People having sex in the open? get a hold of yourself that is complete bullshit. People getting beat up youll find that in any party you ever go to no matter what the age is.. When someone throws axes threw windows of trucks they deserve to get beat up, and he should of been dealt with the cops. The lookout point is not trashed at all one bench may be broke but come on you cant say it is destroyed because clearly it is not.
Comment by MK on 26th May 2011
The parents of the teens involved should be ashamed but unfortunatly in most cases the parents have enabled these kids to do this, and are not respected by there own children. These parents want to be buds instead of the job they were given to parent, guide and teach there children to respect there parents, elders, surounding and themselves.
And yes I was a "Grad" and yes we camped out but we respected where we were, and we took responsiblity for the others around us that could not deal with the freedom.
Comment by molly on 26th May 2011
As a member of grad '11, I am totally disgusted about what happened to the look out and campsites. Calling this the grad party is incorrect, in total there were only about ten terrace grads. The remainder of the teens and "adults" were of age. Over 3/4 of the reckless partiers were not from terrace at all. The whole grad class feels horrible that they are being the ones to blames for this event. Open your eyes look around and don't be ignorant, there were some mature and respectful teens there, that I was apart of. Yes the cops and co's handed out many tickets, set up a road block, also many out of and drunks were taken in. To the families who were disturbed, as a fellow camper I am sorry for everything that happened, but the blame cannot be put on the grad class.
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 25th May 2011
I'm pretty sure supervised grad parties are held on private property in Kitimat...and the supervisors send the kids home as soon as they show signs of drunkeness or delinquent behaviour...If this party in a public place really was "supervised" by adults, those adults need to be charged with contributing to the delinquence of minors as well as neglegence and destruction of property.
Red Sand May long
Comment by Sheri on 25th May 2011
I was the only other trailer set up on wednesday and yes it was very beautiful and peaceful out there. Thursday, there were three or four others, and by friday it was a nightmare. The police and conservation officers were set up as my son and husband were stopped in a roadblock as were several others. Friday night was quite loud. Saturday day was a nightmare. There were several altercations and many threats. It seemed to be Terrace against Rupert. I was the RN out there, and people I met from Rupert had the off duty cop. Yes, we did set up booby traps to keep people from trespassing. It was amazing how many young people cut through our camps right in front of us. They had no respect for our privacy. yes, stuff was stolen and there was litter everywhere.
I have no problems with teens partying, as I did it too when I was their age, but please have respect for others around you, and leave the campsite cleaner than you found it.
In response to police attendance, they were there. Especially saturday night after we had major incidents in the day time with threats of shootings and beatings etc. They made frequent trips with the patty wagon throughout the evening and it was much quieter up top. The conservation officers also did a good job.
Not all of the teens out there were disrepectful. I did meet many young people who were considerate and there was a young group of girls from Rupert who did an awesome job at picking up after themselves and keeping the campsite clean. It is too bad that others weren't following suit.,
Sunday, well there was more beatings, a poor young fellow from Terrace, instigated by a bunch of older Rupert boys. What is with the rivalry? Why can't you just meet new people and have fun? Why do people have to get hurt? Camping is supposed to be fun and be remembered. I doubt that the girls who were falling down drunk and having sex in wide open places will remember any of it.
If you want to camp and have fun, go ahead, but please respect other people and clean up after yourselves. We were always taught to leave the campsite cleaner than we found it. That way, it is available for future weekends and not shut down such as Exstew is on may long.
the viewpoint
Comment by beth and T-Jay on 25th May 2011
i took a picture of the viewpoint we went up there the monday when we went out for the day. Last summer we loved this spot i was excited to go visit it and have a nice time and let our daughter soak in the view. instead it was destroyed beer cans and bottles tossed into the bush without a care. just disgusting...... im sorry you respectfull campers had to go through that! not fare! I hope this gets delt with because they are ruining these spots for everyone else....
so THAT's where everyone went
Comment by mb weston on 25th May 2011
I don't mean to sound flippant, because it's obvious that this activity is unacceptable.

But just for once, in our neighbourhood, while all this was going on at Red Sand, we had a quiet, peaceful weekend free of drunken nutbar teens on quads ripping through Upper Thornhill.

Shame on the kids, and shame on their parents too.
Ridiculous.. Where are the cops?
Comment by Annabella on 25th May 2011
What I don't get is how OBVIOUS it is that there was going to be such a large party with underage drinkers. Why in hell do the police not do anything about this? They show up and ignore the fact that there are so many teens drinking their faces off and destroying a beautiful campsite?! Ridiculous! Police should get on top of these things, it's the same thing every year!
Thank you to the people who helped clean up this mess !
enforcement issues.
Comment by RP on 25th May 2011
The only way this type of nuttiness will stop is if those other campers who are not being idiots join forces and enforce a little civility. In other jurisdictions were I have camped and this parting became an issue, all it took was for several campers and some hickory to go and persuade the partiers that they were better off some where else. Pain is a wonderful instructor.

This is probably the main reason why I do not go camping on the May long weekend as I would not be able to stand by and have these idiots roaring around without having the rod of knowledge being liberally applied to those who need some education in how to act civilly.
The Red Sand Parties.
Comment by wulliesdad on 25th May 2011
I feel truly sorry for anyone that ventured to Red Sand on the holiday weekend! It was certainly true that in the past on this weekend that road blocks used to be set up and all traffic was searched and ALL boozewas confiscated. I say blame the so calledparents of these teens andmake them compensate for the damage but there again we have no more justice in this wimpy country for any sort of crime.