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Child infected with Small Pox
REPORTING · 29th May 2011
Merv Ritchie
The truth can be an ugly thing; hiding from the truth is even uglier. The ugliest of all is when governments, courts and officials; generally regarded as honest and respectable across the globe, bury the evidence of truth and then threaten and kill those attempting to reveal the truth.

From Canadas own documents, at a minimum, 50,000 First Nations children died in Residential Schools alone. A more accurate estimation has the number at more than twice this figure.

What follows is a short extract from a document which contains undeniable evidence of the British, followed by the Canadian Government and Churches, planning and systematically carrying out purely genocidal practices, which continue even today. Many might argue against this claim; however those who do, have not read this document or reviewed the evidence. It is undisputable as all of it is in the Governments own words, in their own writings, in the laws the Canadian Government passed.

Claiming we did not know is absurd as we still see a lack of attention to health conditions on reserves today while the Canadian Government remains the sole caretaker, completely responsible for the health of the First Nations Communities through the Indian Act and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). Newspapers previously reported this tragedy when media was not so controlled by the Government. In 1907 the Montreal Gazette reported on the Governments own Health Officer discovering a death rate of over 50% in the Church run residential schools and further he stated that the children were being deliberately infected.

In response the Canadian Government determined health inspections were no longer necessary and handed over complete control of these schools as well as the guardianship of the children to the Churches and the Principals. The evidence is in and it is damning.

Excerpt from ‘Hidden No Longer;’
Genocide in Canada, Past and Present

Pretend a man stole your car, and then he showed up at your door and apologized to you for stealing it. But then he got in the stolen vehicle and drove away again. That’s what white people like to call healing and reconciliation: nice words, but nothing ever changes. - Chief Peter Yellow Quill, Anishinabe Nation, June 16, 2010

Genocide – the wiping out of an entire group – may be illegal in theory, but it is not in practice. Formal law, de jure, says one thing, but daily practice, de facto, reveals another, and that is that genocide is as expedient and normative a weapon of the modern state as war itself. If anything, the cultural and spiritual homogeneity created and demanded by the modern global corporate market has made genocide a practical necessity to what we like to call the “advance of civilization.”

Indeed, the economic and political stability of the modern “consumerist” world is inconceivable without the wiping out of indigenous peoples, their hold on the land, and their vision of another way to be.

A huge “Superstore” sprawls on miles of concrete in what was once the lush, forested hunting lands of the Cowichan people near Duncan on Vancouver Island. On any day, throngs of Cowichans will scramble with their “white” neighbors into Superstore’s maw, emerging with tons of planet-killing plastic and garbage that is the only trade off for a lost land and slaughtered children. The Catholic Indian residential school on Kuper Island chewed up generations of them, only ten miles away.

You realize how well the genocide has worked as you watch the families of Cowichans scuttle around the concrete and imaginary idol they’ve been told is good for them, and which they believe. Besides the allowable dances, regalia and token traditional phrases displayed in the same way that my folks wear green on St. Paddy’s Day, the Cowichans are as dead as a door nail.

How could they not be? Like the rest of us, they’ve become assimilated into the machine that is wiping out our humanity, and our planet.

Click Here To Read The Entire Book

If you would prefer to watch a video to get a taste of what is in the book Click Here and follow this link and find the link to the Full Length Film on Google Videos. See the picture below showing the link to the movie circle in red.

A simplier short read of the chronology of the genocide, right to the present day, can be found by following this link

A further extract from pages 58 to 64 of this almost 400 page document of evidence.

We […] believe that intentionality, in relation to the crime of genocide, is a politically motivated issue, arising from the need for guilty parties to find legal loopholes through which they can evade prosecution for their crimes.

In reality, the bare existence of crimes of genocide indicates an inherent intentionality, which manifests in the consistency, ruthlessness and institutional complicity associated with the crimes themselves. Echoing the Nuremburg legal process, then, it is not necessary to “prove the intent” behind genocidal acts or regimes, for by its very nature, genocide intends to exterminate whole groups of people, especially since it arises not from a random, individual act but from carefully planned programs and ideologies which are openly declared.

Nevertheless, even if intentionality was an issue to consider and prove regarding genocide committed against indigenous people in Canada, there is ample evidence that every level of government and the churches than operated Indian residential schools deliberately intended to kill, torture, rape, de-populate and otherwise inflict acts of genocide on generations of indigenous children and their families.

This evidence falls into two categories: Direct and Implied intentionality. Direct intentionality to cause acts of genocide in residential schools is indicated first and most clearly in the official report from government medical officer Dr. Peter Bryce, who, in the spring and summer of 1907, and again in 1909, conducted official inspections of Indian residential schools in western Canada, where most of the schools lay. Dr. Bryce produced a scathingly honest report whose findings were suppressed and never acted on by the government of Canada, and which cost him his job and reputation.

In his first official report, issued to the government in the fall of 1909, Dr. Bryce stated,

“I believe the conditions are being deliberately created in our Indian boarding schools to spread infectious diseases. The death rate often exceeds fifty percent. This is a national crime.” (November 12, 1909)

To support his claim, Bryce cited evidence that in every school he had inspected, staff were regularly and deliberately housing healthy children with those sick and dying of tuberculosis, and then denying treatment and care to all of them. Bryce also claimed that school staff and their church employers regularly concealed or distorted the enormous death rate and the cause of death of so many children. (See The Story of A National Crime – Being a Record of the Health Conditions of the Indians of Canada from 1904 to 1921 by P.H. Bryce, Ottawa, 1922)

This practice was present in schools run by every church denomination, and according to the government’s own records, it persisted for over fifty years. The average fifty percent death rate was documented statistically by Dr. Bryce in his second, 1909 report. (See Fig. 1)

The second piece of evidence of direct intentionality is the federal Order in Council dated March 11, 1919, which abolished medical inspection in the Indian residential schools, despite the enormous death rate and unhealthy conditions found within them. (Fig. 2)

The third piece of evidence of direct intentionality to commit genocide is the federal law of 1920 that compelled every Indian child in Canada to be incarcerated in residential schools, despite the huge mortality rate in them and the deliberate criminal actions of their staff. (Fig. 3)

The fourth piece of such evidence is the transference of legal guardianship over residential school children from the federal government to the church-appointed Principals of these schools, between 1929 and 1932. (Fig. 4)

And the final indication of intent to commit genocide are the laws, passed in the same period of this transference of authority over Indian children, which allowed the legal involuntary sterilization of any native in those western regions still most heavily populated with “non-assimilated” Indians: in Alberta in 1928, and in British Columbia in 1933. (Fig. 5)

Deliberate acts of homicide, denial of medical supervision to conceal and sustain this homicide, mandatory attendance in disease-plagued and murderous establishments, absolute legal authority over all their inmates, and the legal sterilization of such inmates: these five indicators are clear proof that Canada and its churches conspired to wipe out whole groups and generations of Indians, especially children.
See the link to the full length feature film circled in read on this picture of the webpage
See the link to the full length feature film circled in read on this picture of the webpage
What is most upsetting
Comment by AC on 4th June 2011
When I say "The effects of this negativity still run through the vains of many. ( some have made positive changes and some can't seem to find it in thier hearts to change" I am actually referring to racism. For the most part, people have read these articles and understand what has happened right here in BC. BUT as a First Nations person I have personally been a victim of racism (negativity). Racism is a learned behaviour, and it is unfortunate that racist people can't find it in their hearts to change.
Yes , upsetting
Comment by AC on 3rd June 2011
I can't personally talk about anyone elses upsetting feelings but I can see how upsetting this can make others feel from all walks of life. The effects of this negativity still run through the vains of many. ( some have made positive changes and some can't seem to find it in thier hearts to change)
I praise editors who print the truth. This article gives great detail of a past that has failed our society. (Changes need to be made)
Please do NOT get me wrong here, but, if what was taught to the First Nations children many years ago considered Christianity I do not wish to be a part of it, there would be way too many people in hell. (hence the words "practice what you preach or find a more suitable religion or belief system")
My hat comes off for Rev. Kevin Annett as he is looking for and finding the truth. The more aware the public is the better. Understanding the who , what, why, when and how an entire race was and still is a victim of "oppression" and will assist in criminal charges, I expect. (The criminal system was put into place for a reason).
pic explanation
Comment by maxx on 1st June 2011
most pictures on the terrace daily site have an automatic explanation included with their posting. All you have to do is stop your cursor for one second on the picture and you will have a breif description of the picture.

Thank you, That is all.
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 1st June 2011
Yes, I would like to know what the story is behind the child's disfigurement. My first thought was it was actually a South American child with a tragic genetic skin disorder and used only for effect. Please explain.
disturbing picture
Comment by mb weston on 31st May 2011
I would have appreciated an explanation of what we were seeing in the disturbing photo of the child.

Sure, yeah, I get it - but does everyone else?

Lead us there, and tell the story. Lots of young people have no idea. They need to know.
And people complain of abortion photos
Comment by MaggieJo on 31st May 2011
Wow. This is a very distrubing pic. But then again...if it's real then it darn well SHOULD be disturbing.

Just like the pics of all the aborted babies.

Sad how we humans can be so barbaric to one another without a second glance to exam our consciences of what we have done, continue to do, and are STILL capable of doing.
upsetting article?
Comment by maxx on 31st May 2011
after reading another article on the TERRACE DAILY, which i so often do , I proceeded to review the readers comments. also to save face i have waited an extended period of time before commenting myself. i just wanted to see what a large "VARIETY" of people were being upset by these articles.................. WOW NONE!!.. stop being so ignorant and when you are wondering "Hmmmmm..... why is he ranting about this when it has nothing to do with us today?" IT'S because it does have something to do with us today... it's because alot of the legeslation that was in place back then is still in place today. to put it simply. When Hitler stopped gassing the jews. he stopped gassing the jews. but we continue to step on the natives even after we said were sorry. that's the problem here. and if you want to ingore it then that's up to you... goodbye that is all!
Your articles are quite upsetting
Comment by AC on 30th May 2011
Upsetting for a variety of people. I understand the topics are from history and we think to ourselves, hmmmm why is he ranting about this when it has nothing to do with us today. In reality, our past sets a precedence for the future. Positive actions will be carried in a positive way and negative actions need to be recognized so that a change can be made. Changes need to be made. The criminal system was put into place for a reason. All I can say is "practice what you preach" or find a more suitable religion.