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REPORTING · 30th May 2011
Merv Ritchie
The Electoral officer in charge of ensuring the election of the Band Councillors and the Chief Councillor is carried out properly has issued notice the election must be delayed. Notices were delivered to Band members on and off reserve advising of the postponement.

A number of issues have been raised which complicated the proper management of this election. We have been informed, off the record, the mail outs to off reserve members did not have sufficient postage. A second delay was caused by an incorrect name on the ballot. A list of candidates circulated to on reserve band members even had two candidate names excluded. This has since been corrected.

All of this has delayed the election until June 28th when the Haisla will be voting to elect a slate of 10 Councillors and 1 Chief Councillor from a list of 30 names.

There continues to be mistakes however as the latest notice informs the Haisla the ballots will not be counted for 18,000 years as it declares they will be counted on June 28, 20011.

Another curiosity is the claim of voting for the Kitamat Haisla Nation as it is generally regarded as a Village Council. Like all First Nations Groups, the Band Council is generally only in charge of the Village affairs authorized by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). Referring to themselves as a Nation, not a Village, is a new tactic, which might imply something is in the works behind the scenes.