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The Mothers Day Media Race gets underway.  Merv from the Terrace Daily is in the #1 car upper left.  Astral media drivers are in the other three.
CONTRIBUTION · 1st June 2011
Terrace Stock Car Association
Coming up this Saturday night June 4th at 7pm is our second race day for the Terrace Speedway 2011 season. Good thing the Canucks will already be up one game and you won't really miss anything. So come on out and enjoy the racing at the Speedway. With a full concession and fun for the whole family; we will be out in full force putting on a show and battling over bragging rights.

We will have our Bombers out in full force (about 10 cars) and our thunder cars are trickling back to the track, as many cars required extensive repairs due to last season mishaps... (ooops). We want to throw out a big THANK-YOU to Minute Muffler and OK Tire for their continued sponsorship for our Mothers day season opener and to our local media for participating in the yearly media race. Congratulations to Mike Nagle for winning this race and holding his media race championship. I'm sure he will be facing some stiffer competition next year.

Keep your ears on the radio to CFTK and the MIX to win free tickets to the races. We are also looking for more volunteers to help out with each event. We need people to help with the gate fees, concession, in the pits helping with various pit duties, and race officials. If this is something that you would consider doing a few times during the season then contact me personally at 250 641-4144. We need as much help as we can get.

Encourage your growing child to get involved. You know as well as I do that one day he or she will get a license and if they decide to develop a lead foot, then we have just the place for them to get that out of their system. A Safe, Controlled, Environment that is conducive to the stress relief one gets with the daily tasks that constantly get us frustrated. The Terrace Speedway is also a great way to get some pre-driving experience. Children as young as 14 years old are allowed to start driving on our track. This is a great way to introduce your child to the safe and competent way to operate a motor vehicle at a fraction of the cost of driving schools, and if the paint gets scratched or the fender dented nobody's out a pile of money or crying over a new car and an insurance claim.

Now is also the time to start looking around for potential DEMOLITION DERBY vehicles. Last year was our first year running the BANGER Class. It was a big HIT and we will be running that class again this year. The cars are EASIER to build. CHEAPER to acquire and require less time to ready. They are easy to spot. When you are looking for a potential car look for flat tires/grass growing up all around the wheel wells or dented and missing body panels... it doesn't have to have a FOR SALE sign in the window. People will generally give you these cars for free, but only if you promise to take it away SOON. These cars will also take very little work to get going enough to last one day in the derby, and there are plenty of people to guide you in the right direction. With the prize money available at the event there's a chance you could break even or make money at the event. So get involved!! One way or another.

Watch the Media Race by opening the attachment below


Yes, you heard right!! SUNDAY RACING!
Comment by Tracy Blais on 2nd June 2011
Thanks for all the positive comments on changing the race day to Sunday June 5th, time trials start at 1pm, racing at 2pm. We weighed out the facts about families atteneding, many of our drivers also work on Saturdays leaving very little time for them to get home, get thier gear and cars and make it to the track by 6pm. There is going to be many new changes happening at Terrace Speedway over the next year and anyone that can lend a helping hand would be greatly appreciated. Anyone interested in what goes on "behind closed doors" is most welcome to join us for our next general meeting on June 7, 730pm at Thornhill Fire Dept upstairs...hope to see a great turnout!
Comment by Linda on 2nd June 2011
I heard on the radio this morning the races will be on Sunday now instead of Saturday! That's great, see you there!!

added note: I do not mind the saturday evening ones, would be nice maybe an hr earlier as it does run quite late, but it's good for the person who easily gets heat stroke as it's generally cooler then the Sundays.
Comment by TSCA on 1st June 2011
thanx linda. your comment was just what i was looking for to spear head the rest of the season races to be rescheduled to sundays only. from what i understand the late evening races deter families from coming out and staying past many childrens bed times. unfortunately there isn't enough time to do it for this weekend and we will have to live with whatever turnout we get. PLEASE leave more comments about sat/sun pro's and con's.
Comment by Linda on 1st June 2011
It really is unfortunate you've not rescheduled the race to Sunday. I enjoy taking my son to race days, but honestly, it would never compare to game 2 of the finals. I hope people show up for it, I'm pretty sure lots of work goes into a race day and these days they are far and few between, good luck and GO CANUCKS!