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 Graphic by Darcy St. Amant
CONTRIBUTION · 2nd June 2011
The Canadian government has decided to extend the deadline for public input into the Harper governments “common security perimeter agenda” until June 3rd 2011. Although we feel this type of deal with the United States and Mexico is unconstitutional and not deserving of a response from the Canadian public, we all know that they will simply state at the end of this justification process- ”see, we allowed for the public to speak up and they didn’t” and or, most of their corporate buddies will respond in support of it, allowing the government the opportunity to say “see, we opened it up for public input and most people were in favour of it”. Now is your final chance to let them know how you feel about it!

At the recent G-8 summit in France, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Obama confirmed their intentions to move forward with the consolidation of North America into what many have dubbed “Fortress North America” or North American Union. Their stated goal is to have the deal signed by the summer of 2011, which is only a few weeks away!

I urge every single person that reads this article to take a few minutes and write in to tell them that you are not interested in giving up national sovereignty to facilitate greater corporate profits and that you are not interested in giving up civil liberties to participate in their bogus war on terrorism in exchange for a false sense of security!

The following is a copy of the letter I sent them on May 26 2011, expressing my concerns. Please feel free to copy and paste it into your own email if you don’t have time to create one for yourself. All you have to do is simply add your name and details at the bottom and send it in to: rcc-ccr,,,

To: Beyond the Border Working Group

I was delighted to see that you have extended the date to allow for public input on the proposed security perimeter deal. After reading your description and the wording used on your website, it seems as though this is already a done deal and you are simply encouraging the public to add to it. I’m not writing you to give you ideas on what to include INTO this deal but rather to inform you that I as a Canadian citizen of several generations, appose this deal in it’s entirety. Any deal that is the brainchild of Corporate/Private interests that potentially affects Canadian National Security and Canadian Sovereignty, our ability to self govern, should not be implemented in the ways this deal is and has been implemented.

This security perimeter deal or “new border vision” is not a “new” idea and it’s not a “vision” of the Canadian and American people/public. This is rather the the old idea of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) as outline in their 2005 Joint Task Force document entitled- “Building a North American Community” and was presented to and adopted by, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).

Most of what is outlined in that 2005 document has come to fruition. This “common security perimeter” was actually one of the stated goals and they encouraged the three governments to establish this by 2010. This “New Border Vision” is simply one of the final hurdles left to overcome. I sincerely feel that this type of economic and security integration or union, undermines the national sovereignty of all three nations involved, the ability to self govern in the best interests of the people of said nation. Our national interests and goals in this day and age change rapidly, binding ourselves to international trade agreements of this magnitude by very nature will affect our sovereignty and I would argue, how could it not! Its very frustrating to hear our governments along with the mainstream media making the claim that it won’t affect sovereignty, this to me is pure deception.

The Canadian Constitution is very clear on how Canada SHALL be governed and the type of government that shall govern it. It describes fully our sovereign boundaries and territories. Our Constitution does not allow for a Prime Minister or Executive branch of government to change that or to take steps in this direction. The deep integration and harmonization of our laws, policies and standards with the United States and Mexico are incremental steps towards the consolidation of North America. Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderón, both called for the “consolidation of North America” during Mr. Calderón’s visit to Canada last summer 2010, on the floor of the Canadian Parliament. They made no attempt to hide what they are planning to do, so there is no denying that this agenda exists.

Having said this, I do support better trade and better relationships with our economic partners to the south and I feel there are many ways this can be accomplished and enhanced without sacrificing our national sovereignty, without legally binding ourselves into unconstitutional, international treaties and trade agreements. We’re the ones who would be affected the most, we the people are virtually being asked to give up sovereignty or to redefine it, to give up civil liberties, our privacy etc. in order to facilitate international corporations seeking to trade easier amongst themselves and eliminate “red tape”. May I remind you that the majority of corporations operating out of Canada are no longer “Canadian owned” but rather American owned and operated. We are indeed being asked to give up the very things we fought for in our past in order for American companies operating out of Canada to be able to do business with themselves in America. It is American corporations acting like Canadian corporations that seem to have the ear of our Canadian government and seem to have by their very nature, very little concern about our national sovereignty!

I would ask my government to refrain from signing ANY agreements with the United States and Mexico that undermine in any way shape or form, our ability as Canadians to self govern, to be able to do whats in the best interests of Canadians, without fear of being sued by Big Business and Special Interest for a breach in a trade and security agreement that suits the fancy of the governments of the day. We must also take into consideration our ever changing global circumstances as well as our governments that will govern us in the future. Let us not tie their (our) hands by legally binding them into a trade and security agreement that seeks to radically integrate and harmonize the very laws, policies and standards we have relied on, that have helped to shape Canada into the stable and prosperous country that we were once proud to call ‘home’.

As a side note, I find it very interesting that the Prime Minister was in France recently attending the 2011 G-8 summit where he took this opportunity from afar to confirm and announce his intentions to finalize this “new border vision” deal by this summer. On an issue of this national importance, I would fully expect that the Prime Minister would first consult with his fellow Canadian citizens first instead of pandering to his globalist friends, discussing things he won’t even share with the official opposition party in his own country. Any good idea should and could be advertised from the rooftops! I ask, why is it that this idea or vision is not advertised? Why was it not a major election issue? Why are the details being kept away from the official opposition? Why has most of this deal been hashed out behind closed doors with almost zero input from the public? Moving forward at this time, signing a deal of this nature and importance in my opinion, is premature and downright reckless!

As a Canadian citizen protected by the Constitution of Canada and its Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I feel it is my right and my duty to strongly petition our temporary and constitutionally limited government to cease and desist any actions until the final draft of this deal has been presented in its entirety and before being signed to the Canadian people so that we may weigh in our hearts and minds the implications and ramifications of this “new vision”.

I thank you for your time and careful consideration into this matter.

Canada-US future relations
Comment by S. Lautensach on 3rd June 2011
For further information on this issue visit the official government website:

Unfortunately, the deadline for submission has now passed...
Comment by Chris Bisghop on 2nd June 2011
Where did you get this info? Enquirer or did a Unicorn fill you in. This has been floating around since my grandfather was 10. Just wondering if you could add your sources to articles and maybe who wrote it. Thanks. Very skeptically, Chris