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One of the bears shot
NEWS RELEASE · 4th June 2011
Kitimat RCMP
Conservation Office Service and the Kitimat RCMP attended an area just south of the Kitimat River bridge in response to calls regarding two problem grizzly bears in the area. The grizzly bears have been seen in the campground opening coolers, approaching campers and along side of Highway 37 creating a road hazard.

There have been numerous complaints of motorists blocking the highway, trying to get a picture of the bears. One grizzly bear was recentlt struck by a vehicle and sustained a severe injury to one of its front legs.

These two grizzly bears were both young bears and were already showing signs of habituation due to the public interaction.

Conservation Officers have received numerous complaints regarding the two grizzly bears and unfortunately due to the public interaction these grizzly bears have had with humans, both grizzly bears were euthanized.
The second bear that was put down
The second bear that was put down
Comment by les watmough on 19th June 2011
The comments wereinteresting. Where ther any other otio,. Yes plentyOne.There arre laws that prohibit the feed of bears,and the leaving of "bear atrachtants" . An apple farmer can be charged for leaving apples o the ground Arrest te 'peoppe ' who wer breking the laws.
Two close the campsite where the trouble occured. Tell the campers there is a bear about,they are advised to leave. If they wish to stay and make friends with the bars, fine other wise get out. Once the cmpsite is cleared and the food sourse gone on the bears will leave.Cheap option, Campgrounds are closed all the time if there is a danger to campers.
Three do like Alaska does, Mount gaurds to protect the bears from campers.
Four, relocate the beaars. These were young bears,and could adapt to relocation.
,But it is simple and cheaper to just shoot these endagered speice. What a waste.
This makes me upset.
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 10th June 2011

I heard that people where feeding these bears. Anyone to confirm this?

Feeding bears put others lives in danger as a result we become looked at as a food source.
It's easy to see that feeding bears endangers two lives, the next person and the bear itself.

There should be a strict and significant fine to deter this stupid behavior.
Its Good and Bad
Comment by Calvin C on 7th June 2011
Its good cuz...Our northern population is now experienced in how to not to dispose of bears which was the direct cause of people and there reaction to inconvenience. I say its the bear's property (everywhere outside of city lots), you take your camping and fishing elsewhere before the bears do. Now, the people look stupid by showing what really matters when they preach wilderness and conservation in coffee shops and at dinner tables.

The bad...The Terrace area has lost GRIZZLY bears that were easily viewable for "ooohing" and "awwwing". Ultimately, two bears died systematically due to the human concern of safety. Conservation Officers did their job, the population did not, its our fault, now we should learn from this.
Comment by brian grant on 6th June 2011
Conservation officers knew of these Bears at 1st sight..when they were spotted around that area..why ? didnt they relocate knowing what they did...its sad that the BEARS were put down, and the fact this was going to happen if the Gov't workers acted on this in the beginning.
Are we really blaming the right people?
Comment by TM on 5th June 2011
I was absolutely sickened by the news these beautiful bears were put down. Do I agree with it no, but are we really blaming the right people here? Conservation officers..well..they have their job to do I suppose. They are after all governed by they law to do what they are told to do. However, prior to them having to look these bears in the eyes and put them down one must only imagine the amount of senselessness these officers feel. From the very first sightings, the Conservation office sent out public warnings to stay away from the bear, to avoid any sort of human contact with them to prevent this type of ending to two very innocent bears. Then one day my family and I were driving back from Kitimat only to come across not one, not two but three vehicles parked on the opposite side of the highway. Outside these vehicles?...Humans! What were they all looking at? The young bears on our side of the highway. It was all I could do to stop the vehicle right there and start layin a strip into those people and probably the same people who called Conservations some weeks later. The same people who pretend they are outdoors men/women when they camp; and I say "pretend" because one who respects the power of the wild knows when you're in wildlife territory, you better put your food up in the tree or even in a vehicle. If you don't abide by the rules of the wilderness then you should be held responsible for luring them into their demise. Think about it people! Lets get real here!!
other possibilities?
Comment by Diana Penner on 5th June 2011
How sad to take something we are obviously intrigued by and destroy it. if we didn't think the young grizzlies were so awesome no one would've stopped to take photos. This speaks to the rare treat it is to see these magnificent creatures up close. If they had to die they should have been given the chance to survive via relocation. What gives us the right to take these lives? How ironic that those who are given the task of conservation of wildlife are the ones who have to destroy it.
If their humanization was an issue perhaps they should have been considered for a penned existence and used for tourism and education, at least their lives would have brought a more positive return... People would have been able to share in their growth, learned their habits and understood the outcome of their interference through that exposure.
conservation ?
Comment by E.Puge on 5th June 2011
Maybe they should change their names from conservation to something more fitting, like destruction officers. What is wrong with moving the bears somewhere away from people. Its not like you have to take them hundreds of miles to find wilderness.
When will people learn that to call conservation is a death sentence for wildlife. Come on people learn to live with the wildlife, they were here first!
Comment by tom on 5th June 2011
this makes me sick!
Another loss of wildlife : (
Comment by KHC on 4th June 2011
So we have no problem stopping and taking these beautiful bears pictures, but then want to complain when the bears are no longer scared of us?? "Young Bears" is the term used, but yet we don't trap them & attempt to relocate them......we just kill them!! Another sad story for the wildlife because "Humans" have No common sense : (
Very Sad........