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Graphs courtesy of Environment Canada
REPORTING · 4th June 2011
Merv Ritchie
As the graphs above display, the official stations show the decline in the river level. The picnic tables at Kitsumkalum show a more tangible result.

The two graphs above, the Usk measuring station on top of the Babine station, clearly show a measured decline in flow and river level in the past 24 hours. A rough 'guestimate' is half a metre, from 9.9 to 9.4 metres.

The Picnic tables at the Kitsumkalum boat launch show the same 24 hour effect.

In the two pictures attached below; the top one taken at approximately 5 pm, June 3 and the lower one was taken at 5 pm June 4, we see the same. Without walking up in hip waders we can visually see the drop has to be somewhere close to a foot to a foot and a half; 1/2 metre.

If it continues to drop we will be ready for the next onslaught of warm weather, which will bring down the rest of the snow pack.

Which, according to the forecast will begin Monday, after more rain Sunday, and continue all week.
24 hours seperates these two pictures.  Kitsumkalum is using picnic tables to measure the height of the river.
24 hours seperates these two pictures. Kitsumkalum is using picnic tables to measure the height of the river.
Thank you maggiejo
Comment by James Wold on 5th June 2011
No plan of action that I know of , nothing but excuses from Regional District . Coping not good.I am buying rock from the reserve 11 loads on Friday and 5 more to-morrow and the river keeps on coming. Neighbors no help , do not want to part with their money, watch them scream when their house gets water. Thank-you for caring.
How can we help?
Comment by MaggieJo on 5th June 2011
Is there a security "plan of action" in place in Dutch Valley?

It's so sad the Regional District isn't helping. How are you coping? Any annual mtgs with the Dutch Valley residents every Spring in anticipation of potential flooding?

Let us know what organized action is in place so that we can help; while keeping things in proper order while trying to salvage homes.
Dutch Valley
Comment by James Wold on 5th June 2011
While everyone is watching the picnic tables, the residents in Dutch Valley are just waiting for the river to take their homes. The Reigonal District has been notified but we are not receiving no help to save the homes that will be washed away when the warm weather comes next week. The river continues to move into the valley as I am sending message for help because the R.D. is to busy , according to Wes Patterson. I am at a loss , what are we to do to get help ? I am open to any suggestions that may help us.
Comment by Linda on 4th June 2011
That is exactly how I measured too, I drive down each day and noticed today the seats were no longer covered!
Who needs high tech mumbo jumbo...we have picnic tables! :)