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COMMENTARY · 7th June 2011
Merv Ritchie
It doesn't take much to figure out why the Canucks scored on themselves last night to get the ball rolling for the Bruins. If the Canucks won last night and then rolled over the Bruins in four straight, there would be no fifth game.

Great you say, we win the Stanley Cup! Ah yes, but the Canucks organization would lose millions of dollars in revenue.

Game five is in Vancouver. A simple math exercise provides the answer why the Canucks are happier than the Bruins, multiply the price of a ticket to attend the game by the number of seats.

Comment by Ian on 7th June 2011
It appears that the coaching staff has a mountain to climb in very short order. Loosing 8-1 is a complete collapse of the team. Sure in pre-season, regular season and maybe the first round of the playoffs. But not in the finals. Only the best of the best get there and compete.
The refereeing has been very inconsistent through-out the playoffs. Some games they determine the winner and others let the teams play it out with end to end action.
One could put an argument together to say that a fix is on in this multi-billion dollar industry, but you could also say that about the NFL, NBA,MLB or cricket. Yes Cricket where the finals in India ran ticket costs exceeding 10K per.
Comment by terry reinert on 7th June 2011
IT'S the WWE of hockey? and if they don't win then you can add the price of a baseball bat and a window together and then multiply that number by the number of fans in the streets of vancouver and that will be the local job creation and sales amount generated by this game as well. hahahaha it's gonna be a RIOT no matter which way you look at it!!
Maybe the whole thing is rigged?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th June 2011
Rigged like it was on the WWF. Maybe?