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Pronto towing pulled the cars apart and had them ready to load on their deck and tow away
REPORTING · 7th June 2011
Merv Ritchie
Although we have no details, other than a serious two car collision on Highway 16 at the Sande Overpass intersection with Greig Avenue, we do have pictures to share.

At 11:00 am we received a call from Evan Jennings advising us of this accident and went to investigate. From the initial appearance it looks as if one vehicle was travelling straight through from west to east and the other attempted a left turn onto the overpass.

We have no indication from the RCMP if this is the case, whether the light was red or green, alcohol, injuries or any other details. We felt it best not to interfere with the emergency workers, of which almost all of Terrace's were involved with.
East and westbound traffic was impeded
East and westbound traffic was impeded
Two views of the vehicles
Two views of the vehicles
Paramedics treat the injured
Paramedics treat the injured
Fireman attend and the RCMP help with pedestrians and traffic
Fireman attend and the RCMP help with pedestrians and traffic
yeah right
Comment by Linda on 8th June 2011
The city won't do anything about the Keith/Kenny nightmare corner, and the stupid lights are still by the post office, doubtful they will even bat an eye at the overpass.
and while we're at it
Comment by Steve Smyth on 8th June 2011
could we somehow arrange so that the "automatic sensors" that control the traffic lights actually work with motorcycles?
Specifically, the ones at the old bridge, eastbound at the mall end of the Sande overpass and the ones at the library (Park Ave, both ways)
Either that or at least put a mark on the ground as to where we're supposed to park?
Easy fix to avoid future collisions
Comment by Eric on 7th June 2011
I had an accident at this exact location 14 years ago, under the same circumstances: I turned left in front of an oncoming SUV I failed to see coming. Since then, I have traveled extensively throughout western Canada and every intersection I've come across where there is a left turn signal like at Sande/Greig/Hwy 16, if you miss the left turn signal your light turns red, then through traffic from the other side comes through. If this intersection was to be set up to make you stop after the turn signal cancels out, then allow eastbound traffic on Greig through, these type of accidents at this location would be significantly reduced if not eliminated. Yes, you may have to wait an extra half minute to turn left onto the overpass if the light was set up properly like that, but the coffee at Tim's on the southside won't get cold in that amount of time.
poor planning
Comment by Steve Smyth on 7th June 2011
The absolute worst bottleneck on a major highway I've ever seen. The time wasted sitting at the south end is staggering and its only a matter of time before more people die at either end. Whoever designed 2 90 degree turns like that really wasn't thinking. It's long past time to redesign a proper overpass.
no suprise
Comment by Eric Gavelin on 7th June 2011
Another fine example of why terrace should be named "Can't Drivesville"
seriously though I hope no one was hurt