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CONTRIBUTION · 7th June 2011
To be fair, the reserves are not the only place that have private dumps. These pictures were taken along the Prince Rupert Highway.

Notice the Ridley Terminal hat. Seems to be they were watching TV while having a bon fire and left their canopy which they didn't want anymore.

I have some more pictures to share of dump sites along the Copper Mountain which will be posted soon. Anyone can literally take a back road anywhere around these highways and find garbage piles.
This one is along the Kalum River - seems to be the tracks of some machine
This one is along the Kalum River - seems to be the tracks of some machine
Reporting dumpers
Comment by c. sandecki on 11th June 2011
My favourite story occurred several years back. While walking my dogs, I came upon a fresh dump including what had been a bagful of beer bottles. Obviously the dumper had dropped the bagful on the ground resulting in a mountain of bottle shards.
I poked through the debris and found an application to NWCC complete with the applicant's name, home address and social security number.
I phoned the info to the RCMP and by 4 p.m. that day the dump had been cleaned up and most of the glass bits removed.
Dumpers (and other law breakers) need to know we don't have to be a Mountie in uniform to report them. Any citizen can report details, including license numbers of cars blocking traffic on Highway 37 while drivers observe grizzly bears.
I can't imagine driving past a string of cars blocking the highway while bear-gazing without reporting those license numbers to RCMP immediately. Had passers-by done that, those two grizzly cubs might be alive today.
Behind old LOMAK
Comment by brian grant on 7th June 2011
In Thornhill, beside ole LOMAK trucking where all those Mushroom pickers...go...trails as well....Not only pickers garbage that area...Locals also DUMP there thrash...Ive seen Old Fridges,Stoves..Car Tires...etc..LAZY Terricites-Thornhill people.....cant take a 10 min drive to the these people are LAME
Actually - They're Not Free
Comment by Roy Harding on 7th June 2011
As much as I concur with the disgust expressed in an earlier post - in fact the dumps are not "free".

Whoever is dumping stuff is actually not taking advantage of a service for which they have already paid - through their taxes.

Of course - anyone who would dump "stuff" at the side of the road is probably too stupid to realize this.
I agree
Comment by Bryan N on 7th June 2011
This is disgusting behaviour, and you can find examples pretty much anywhere. The old road that runs from the Lomak building to Crescent St, several locations out Beam Station Rd, etc etc. Do these people not know our dumps are free?? I would think this publicity might make some reconsider dumping anywhere, but then I doubt these people read much.
Sick and disgusting that we do this to the environment we are supposed to be so concerned about.