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NEWS RELEASE · 7th June 2011
Terrace RCMP
At 10:35 AM Terrace RCMP were called to a two vehicle collision on Greig Ave and Hwy 16, at the Sande Overpass. A blue Cavalier was westbound on Greig Ave and turned left onto the Sande Overpass, into the path of a silver Rav 4 that was traveling eastbound on Hwy 16 going onto Greig Ave.

Four of the five people involved in the accident were transported to Mills Hospital for believed to be minor injuries.

The Cavalier was totaled in the collision. The Rav 4 suffered extensive damage and was towed.

This matter is still under investigation.
Light change...or life "style" change???
Comment by MaggieJo on 8th June 2011
RE: The OverPass...

When the traffic from the East (coming from Coop) arrive at their green flashing arrow at the OverPass granting them access to turn LEFT onto the overpass, the green arrow turns solid....providing a solid ~2-3 second pause before the oncoming traffic gets THEIR right of way to proceed driving straight forward thru the intersection.

Despite the mechanical lights guiding us a driver of a motor vehicle, one STILL has to remain vigilant, as WE are the ones driving these motorized beasts! The lights are simply there to guide us along.

I recall a time my light turned green as I was heading thru an intersection in town on Main Street, when a camper/trailer barrelled thru running the red light! For some unknown reason, I had just happened that particular day to look both ways before entering the intersection, even though I had the right of way, and slammed on my brakes somefin' fierce. PHEWF! What a close call! If I hadn't checked both ways prior to entering that lit intersection (even though I had the right of way), I would have been slaughtered!

I have learned from that experience and to this day...I ALWAYS double check before entering an intersection - not relying so much on the lights, but on safety requirements as an owner of a driver's license.

My sympathies to the people involved in this MVA. It's always a traumatic event when one is involved in an accident. I do hope everyone is fine and managing well after this incident.

And trust me...I know what it feels like to be hit by a car! I was hit while riding my bike home from work one day....riding down the overpass when a car turning LEFT out of Tetrault street slammed right into me. Yeah....not a happy day as I was tossed along like a rag doll after flying over the hood of that car! Tons of dental work, etc. I'm thankful the City of Terrace finally realized the danger of turning left outta Tetrault and posted a sign ruling "NO LEFT TURNS".

Cyclists are required to ride on the roads (not the sidewalks) it is truly sad to see drivers STILL turning left outta Tetrault despite the clearly posted sign.

So, Yes. For my own safety, I stopped riding my bike within City Limits. I have KIDS for heaven's sake. I can't put myself out into the "minefield" like that! I may not "make it" next time with me on my bike against a vehicle! it's "'Filler er up, buddy. I'm not cycling. I'm driving!"
Those advance greens
Comment by Don MacLeod on 7th June 2011
My wife's cousin on a motorbike was hit at that intersection a few years ago. He was turning left on to the overpass when hit by a vehicle coming straight through on Grieg. I've been driving at that corner while a left turn arrow has been on and it's a tense few seconds as you wonder if the car waiting has the right of way yet. It's more un-nerving when there is a substantial straight stretch of road before the light. I'd suggest to the authorities (if they asked me!) that some signal be made to the vehicle waiting at the red light, so that he/she knows that the left turn arrow is about to change, thus giving him/her the right of way. The driver facing the arrow gets a caution orange, so just so both drivers are on the same page, so-to-speak, it seems appropriate that the 'red' driver get a signal as well.