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NEWS RELEASE · 14th June 2011
ITCCS - London
ITCCS Condemns RCMP raids on sovereign Mohawk territory, Claims RCMP involvement in criminal drug trade across Canada
London, UK:

Today’s para-military assault by 500 Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers on sovereign Mohawk territory around Montreal was condemned by the international body investigating crimes against humanity in Canada.

The nine-nation International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), based in London and Brussels, called for the immediate withdrawal of “foreign occupation forces” from Mohawk territory and for “an end to the phony war on drugs that is concealing the Canadian government’s own apparent complicity in these crimes.”

At least forty Mohawk citizens have been arrested by the RCMP today on sovereign native land, without warrant or warning, merely for suspected marijuana possession.

Speaking from London, England, an ITCCS spokesman said,

“In our archives are sworn eyewitness statements from aboriginal people in Canada describing the regular involvement of RCMP officers in the transport and protection of offshore shipments of cocaine and heroin at Port Renfrew and Waglisla, British Columbia, and at Cornwall, Ontario” said the spokesman.

“We believe that the ongoing murder of aboriginal people across Canada is connected to this involvement of an element of the RCMP in the drug trade, which operates through government-funded native chiefs on Indian reserves. Today’s assault on the sovereign Mohawks for simple marijuana possession is therefore not only questionable but highly suspect, considering the history of the Mohawks in defending their land and rights against the same forces now attacking them.”

The ITCCS is convening its investigation into Crimes against Humanity in Canada and other countries on September 15, 2011 in London, Brussels, and at least five Canadian cities.

The ITCCS has issued a Public Summons to Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper to appear before its inquiry to answer charges of complicity in genocide and obstructing justice. Harper has not replied to the Summons nor contested the charges made against him.

For more information see:
Issued by ITCCS London
Comment by Jane Fregin
on 15th June 2011
I googled 'CTV Breaking News'
Comment by Bryan N on 14th June 2011
Merv, I understand and appreciate that you allow people to post news articles on your website, but seriously? The articles submitted by this organization are whacky to say the least.
I listened to this on the news many times today. The police involved were multi-agency, RCMP, Surete Quebec, OPP - not just RCMP. And as much as this organization goes on about "sovereign territory" I am willing to bet there are lots of residents in these territories who were happy to see someone tackle the on reserve drug issue. Would you want people in your neighbourhood to be able to deal drugs with immunity?
Comment by WF on 14th June 2011
Auxillary cops I think
RE: huh
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 14th June 2011
Jane Fregin: Sources?
Comment by Jane Fregin
on 14th June 2011
I read this article earlier on another web site. From what I read some of those "500 RCMP"
officers were actually reserve cops (sorry can't remember what they are called) so most likely the RCMP were probably asked to help out. So what is the problem?