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REPORTING · 15th June 2011
Merv Ritchie
There is no point going to the Post Office today, Canada Post has done the inevitable, locked out all the staff. We are told all the boxes around town will also be sealed as no mail will be picked up.

The President of Terrace local 836, Fern George, in a statement delivered yesterday said;

"I believe Canada Post Corporation is trying to force the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to a full blown strike so we can be legislated back to work."

This was yesterday after mail delivery service was cut back to three days a week. The inside workers will still at their jobs, sorting and managing the counter. Ferns statement spoke to this and expressed concerns about the customers and Canada Posts negotiation tactics;

"By reducing our hours and causing hardship to our members Canada Post is showing bad faith in the negotiating process, which will interrupt mail service to our valued customers who are our priority."

But today, even after the inside workers continued to work while their compatriots, their fellow workers were being cut back, Canada Post forced the next step and just kicked them all outside.

Addressing this Fern stating, "We are willing to work during the negotiation process as long as talks are progressing. Local support would be greatly appreciated."
Reduce and Eliminate
Comment by Moe Naguib on 16th June 2011

Its not just Posties that need to worry about Mr Harpers "Excessive Executive Class Compensation" party. The Haperites are hitting hard against all those Canadians not members of his small elitist Class. First Technology is used to reduce the number of jobs for the rest of us, then our negotiated benefits such as Health and Pensions are mismanaged in a wasteful and disgusting fashion to produce the illusion that they are unsustainable, lastly that new employees (mostly out children) must be paid less and less to reduce the "burden". The Excessively Compensated members of Mr harpers executive class do not of course subject themselves to the same treatment, they have such things such as perpetually renewing employment contracts, indexed pensions, Golden Parachutes, Share Options, performance Bonuses that pay even in troubled time and so on. We must support our Posties and Air Canada workers because if you're not a member of Mr Harpers "Excessive Executive Compensation" class you're probably going to get financially hammered soon enough too!