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REPORTING · 15th June 2011
Merv Ritchie
As we write this the game seven final of the National Hockey League Championship, the Stanley Cup final is less than one hour from the puck drop.

Terrace residents honked their vehicle horns and waved their flags up and down all the main streets, (and most of the side streets) throughout the small settlement.

One team will win and one team will lose. There is no avoiding this reality. As for an exciting series; nothing has been more exhilarating.

The Cold Beer and Wine stores are experiencing a heavy load and the bars and lounges are full.

Let the game begin and regardless of the end result, all players, both teams, Boston and Vancouver, have the right to be proud and hold their heads high. This has been an incredible ride for every sports fan!

As Bert Husband from the Standard stated as we passed each other at the Skeena Cold Beer and Wine, we're cheering for the winning team!
Hockey fans at their finest.
Comment by Rudi Peters on 16th June 2011
Cait, I have never been and never will I be a hockey fan. With all these good fans in Vancouver destroying other people's business and personal property, what is there to celebrate; stupidity? The cops seem unwilling to stop the destruction of property, I say let the owners protect it by whatever means necessary without any legal repercussion for there actions. Lets see how long these losers would be out there destroying peoples stuff, now that would be entertainment.
We were hopeful!
Comment by Cait on 16th June 2011
Rudi, you would have fit perfect in Vancouver with all those sore losers, wanting to set your dog on people and all,.. Too bad, obviously your a poor sport, because I know for a fact that all the people involved in this "premature parade" had everything to celebrate, the Presidents Trophy, The Western Conference Title, and all but the Cup,. You are lucky we are not like the fans in Vancouver or you may have had a real reason to "set your dog out" Next time.. We will honk louder, scream lounder, and come with more fans, and more support!
Prematuer fanjaculation
Comment by I on 16th June 2011
That it in a nutshell:]
Calm down
Comment by Dave on 15th June 2011
Ah Rudi calm down. It's just a few people having a good time. I'm sure some people don't enjoy your dog sometimes too. And to suggest that you would allow your dog to attack a person for driving down the road honking their horn is a bit insane.
Comment by Rudi Peters on 15th June 2011
I, unfortunately did not miss the "parade". The only thing it did not for me is drive my dog beyond nuts, and I had a hard time controlling him from tearing into these noise making idiots. Next time I think I will just let him go and simply provide him with some seasoning.

Anyone who thinks that a team that threw games and gets whipped deserves to win is nuts.
DRAT! I missed a parade???
Comment by MaggieJo on 15th June 2011
'Would'a been cool to participate if I had read any advance notice. DRAT! I missed out again.

But then again...I suppose the parade would'a required a gathering license, so it must'a been an informal event.

Go Canucks Go!