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WHAT!!!!!! THREE NOTHIN!!!!!!!
REPORTING · 15th June 2011
Merv Ritchie
But then what could Canuck fans really expect after such great losses but another loss, this one 4-0.

Pride. That is what should be felt by all Hockey fans. To be in game seven of the Stanley Cup final is a thrill unlike any other. The ride was excruciating. The series against Chicago was devastating. To pull out of that fiasco, up three and then to end up tied 3 games each was enough to send many fans into cardiac arrest. And then the Canucks did it again; up two against the Bruins only to fall to two devastating defeats.

Roberto Luongo was unstable and untrustworthy. His standard team mascot impression of an Orca Whale flopping around on the ice was embarrassing. Just about any shot high into the net was a sure thing as he preformed his belly dance. The numerous goals shot from behind the net, some complete flukes like the one ricochet into the net off his back, were generally inexcusable. In fact the high scores against in Boston were all inexcusable. But Luongo is not alone. The Sedin twins were not worth their wages either. The highest paid players could barely get a point, let alone a goal. This Stanley Cup final series was a failed opportunity for the best regular season team in the league.

Many will continue to claim the large ‘C’ on the front of the Canucks jersey stands for choke. This however is a sore loser’s statement. This team brought their fans to the very last game possible. They won every contest to get to this very last game. All of the players on this team deserve our respect and honour, they did a great service to the club and filled the seats in GM place for every possible game right until the end.

Even those who don’t watch or care about hockey should raise their fists in salute and cheer. The economy of the Province has been immeasurable benefited by this run for the Stanley Cup. Even a win would have improved the economy no greater. This hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks, have made an impact and a beneficial one at that, to every British Columbian.

Wipe away the tears, ignore the insults, this hockey series deserves a hero’s parade.

Unlike Hockeyville tonight where we listen for honking horns and parades of cars up and down Lakelse and Keith Avenues in Terrace but hear only silence.

VC lost, but we sure had nice family time.
Comment by MaggieJo on 16th June 2011
It is extremely rare these days that we have the entire family at home at the same time.

So, at least there was tons of family time during the final game, heh? Even unexpected friends popped over!

We had a smorgasboard of food lined up, and truly enjoyed the family time together.

After the loss...the older teenagers were too depressed to leave the house. So, they stayed home. WT?!?! The teens stayed HOME for a change?!?! Praise the LORD! The teens were actually ALL "in the house" for the entire evening until they went to bed!

We all enjoyed a nice post game evening - dialoguing together about the game; while catching the riot news for hours on end. Again...we were all together last night - safe and sound...but together.

You gotta love the game and food and family - at the same time...all under the same roof!
There will be joy
Comment by Dr. B. A. Bidgood on 16th June 2011
I return from Stockholm on Sunday and I intend to wear my jersey and hoop and holler.
Forty Years
Comment by Ian on 16th June 2011
i have been watching this team since its inception and seen some great players do their stuff.
last night was not to surprising as to the results. The Stanley Cup finals are the best of which the league can offer. Only the the best teams get to go. However as in Chicago in the first round we saw the team slump. Ok one game, but not in the finals. This is where you want to be to prove your team is superior in all facetts of the game and to demonstate that fact. You can loose 8-1 in preseason and even in the regular season. I would let it go even in the first round calling it jitters of entering the hardest playoffs to attain the cup in any sport. But you don't loose that badly in the finals.
Two things that I noticed with are team, the canucks and the playoffs in general. Our goal tending was inconsistent. Thomas got pulled only once in the playoffs and came back stronger. Luongo didn't. He was not in the game. Against nashville and San Jose he was excellent. What happened is his own thoughts to relate. In my opinion I would trade him for another goalie that can produce better results. The second point is that the refereing was incrediably inconsistent throughout the playoffs. Some game they would let them play others was a slower paced game because of penalties. Mutilple times in last nights game what was called the game or two before was let go to create flow on the ice. These guys have to answer for the ups and downs they created. Kesler last night should of been called for multiple trips and interference. Raymonds missed call when he collided with a Boston defenceman and took him out of the playoffs was missed by two referee's on the ice. Amazing. The league has to do better, far too much money and passion here to make those kind of mistakes. Yes they are human too. but when they can directly contribute to the games outcome. Then they have to be held for the actions or lack of. Vancouver was consistent throuhgout the year. In the playoffs they were not.
The coaching staff did a tremendous job in dealing with the injuries and getting the best possible product on the ice, hats off to them.
Where do they start to get on the road to next year. From the net outwards.
They are still a great team, and we have many positive memories to thank them for. But they didn't finish. In stead we have riots in Vancouver last night demonstrating how bad sportmanship has made the front page. Again