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NEWS RELEASE · 16th June 2011
The ITCCS Tribunal into Genocide in Canada
will be visiting your community soon -
Help us bring the full truth to light!

To gather the evidence to indict Canada and its churches for Crimes against Humanity, a traveling mini-Tribunal will leave Vancouver on June 27 and travel to the east coast by August 15.

A visit will be planned for Terrace on June 25th if residents express an interest in speaking to the Tribunal.

This is your chance to tell the full truth of crimes and murders in the residential schools, and have it known before the world.

During those weeks, the Tribunal will hold gatherings and conduct interviews with any Indian residential school survivors and others with evidence about the death and burial of children in Indian residential schools and hospitals.

This traveling Tribunal is an alternative to the false, government-run "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" (TRC), and is not connected to the TRC, the government, any church or interest group. Our Tribunal is affiliated with the ITCCS, a coalition of groups of survivors of church and state terror in nine countries.

Our website is .

If you want to give testimony or provide evidence to our Tribunal, please contact us at this email address or by leaving a message before June 23 at 250-753-3345; or after then at 386-323-5774.

Help us finally bring the murdered children home and win them the justice and voice they were denied in life.
Where are the Children?
Comment by MySaskCan on 15th March 2013
It's always so interesting to look at the archived articles that Kevin Annett writes under the faux organization ITCCS... Now that it's 2013 and there's Pope's to arrest, who cares about those 50,000 dead Indian kids now? Certainly not Kevin Annett who has clearly moved on to a bigger and better meal ticket. Too bad the IRS survivors had to put up with his lies for 20 years before they finally got used up and discarded like a piece of unwanted clothing.... Yes, Native issues is like a shirt people wear from time to time and throw it out or put it in the closet when it gets outdated and threadbare. Imagine if Mr. Annett had once told the truth about the bones and mass graves and the Smithsonian... Imagine what he would have achieved by telling the truth and working hard at a real job instead of milking his paypal 'Donate' button! Alas, those victims he re-victimized by calling them names, demeaning them and slandering them because they dared to ask him to be accountable are still left in his dust wondering what the hell happened. Oh, he's made a name for himself in NDN country alright... a name that Native people will not soon forget... nor forgive.