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P.S.A.'S · 21st June 2011
Merv Ritchie

Annett, a Canadian citizen, lives in Nanaimo and travelled to Vancouver to board a flight to Terrace. He has travelled extensively delivering lectures about the crimes against humanity by various governments and churches. On May 29, 2011, after speaking in the Netherlands he arrived in London to attend a Rally and was arrested and detained at the Airport there. Yesterday the Vancouver international Airport officials denied him access to a domestic flight. As Annett wrote last night,

"We missed our flight because I wasn't allowed to go through security at the airport after the passport check. No reason given. I'm probably on a no-fly list now after the nonsense in the UK. Quite a way to find out."

Read About His London Arrest by Clicking Here.

This is an excerpt.

Border officials detained Kevin at 8 pm Sunday night upon his return from speaking in the Netherlands , and deported him the next morning, after fingerprinting, photographing and jailing him in a crowded immigration prison cell.

“The only reason they gave for denying me re-entry into England was that my giving public lectures was not an appropriate activity for visitors to that country, if you can believe that” Kevin Annett said today in a press statement.

“But I’ve repeatedly mentioned my lecturing work to customs people whenever I enter England , and it’s never been an issue before now. And the cop who detained me admitted that the decision to deny me entry came after he consulted his supervisor and the computer files about me.”

Kevin was detained by British customs police and members of the private security firm Reliance, which operates the airport detention facilities and growing numbers of prisons in England.

This gathering is now postponed until a later date;
Saturday, June 25, 2011, at 6:00 pm, Waap Galts’ap, the new Tsimshian Longhouse on the NWCC Campus, 5331 McConnell Avenue, Terrace.

Introducing Rev. Kevin Annett M.A., M. Div– Author of Unrepentant, Disrobing the Emperor and Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present

Kevin Annett - Eagle Strong Voice is a community minister, author and award-winning film maker who has worked with residential school survivors for twenty years. He helped establish the original non-government Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada in 2000 and is now the Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, which is convening in London, England this September. At this Tribunal, he and others are bringing charges of crimes against humanity against the government and churches of Canada for their murder of 50,000 children in the Indian residential schools.

His websites are and .
"We will bring to light the hidden works of darkness and drive falsity to the bottomless pit. For all doctrines founded in fraud or nursed by fear shall be confounded by Truth."- Kevin's ancestor Peter Annett, writing in The Free Inquirer, October 17, 1761, just before being imprisoned by the English crown for "blasphemous libel"
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Comment by Steve Smyth on 25th June 2011
I smell something ...there is no "passport check" on domestic flights. Theres no martyr like a self made one